Friday, July 9, 2010


NKW Award Recipients

There I am!

I made it on the poster too :]

I had such amazing experiences yesterday. First of all, there are 2 weeks left of my college career and I have been thinking lately what my education means to me and what opportunities it has and will afford me. A perfect example of what it has given me was seen and felt yesterday as I went about my busy day. I received the Newel K. Whitney award from the comm department. I felt so honored and it was nice and almost surprising to see that the effort I put into school actually is noticed. I had no idea I would be even up for the running. Sister Bergstrom the communication department dean is great. She told me afterwards, "Just to let you know there were 7 votes for you and I got to choose who I wanted to introduce and that was you." haha. She is so funny! Brother Cannon described her as tiger on steroids! What the?! Some of my favorite teachers like Sister Hansen and Esplin complimented me saying I have produced beautiful work and the award was well deserved. Man I feel so honored and grateful for these people in my life! It is really nice to be recognized like that too after lots of hard work....and especially an honor since Newel K. Whitney was such an amazing, inspiring, and innovative man. He was a great friend to Joseph and Emma and hero to many!

When Sister Bergstrom gave me the award and presented me in front of the ceremony guests and awardees she said I was a quiet leader and also a follower. She said I am a strong chief and also a strong Indian and that a successful group needs both....or something like that. haha. She also said that Scott and I are a power couple and will go far in whatever we choose to do. (Scott got the very same award when he was almost graduated too! Now we have matching clocks! haha.) I feel so blessed to be married to such a wonderful man. He sets a great example for me to follow. I love him with all my heart. Another thing I want to remember is Brother Cannon, at the award ceremony gave a few words and read a scripture that said the Lord will be with our mouths. I really liked that. The spirit is such a powerful entity if we just would implement it in our lives more fully, slow down and feel its calming reassurances and power to go, do and be.

I am so grateful for the gospel in my life for the knowledge and peace it brings to me. For the direction and guidance I feel because of the strong foundation it gives me. I read an article last night about this couple that broke up after 40 years because they changed and it went into the statistic that the age for newly marrieds averages around the ages 27-28 because those in their early 20's don't know who they are and who they want to become. I was really taken back and felt almost defensive! I said to myself, "I know who I am and I know where I am going in my life!" I know I am a child of God, with divine worth and potential. I know that I want to be a great wife and mother and serve others with cheerfulness and a good attitude. I have a divine mission and role in this life! It is crazy to see how those in the world perceive marriage and take it so lightly or don't even value it at all. For me it has always been a huge priority. Others my age don't even seem to be thinking about it. They just see it as a lofty, someday goal and don't give it a second thought...or maybe they do but I can see how the family unit is being diminished because of perceptions such as these and others. Marriage CAN last forever and families can and do bring the most joy to our lives! Families are the most fundamental unit of society and must be upheld and supported! Strong families make strong communities. Strong communities make strong cities and states and NATIONS!

Also, today I was thinking, what do I want my children to remember me most by. I was reading a description of a piece from a photography exhibit in the Spori building and one the artists said her mom inspired her because she always pointed out he beauty of the earth and had great observational skills. How cool is that? What legacy and lasting impressions will I leave on my children? Will it be intentional or will I be surprised? One thing I hope to pass on is my love for the gospel, for my Savior and that through Him I know we can do all things. The spirit is one of the greatest gifts we have and prayer is a true and solid communication and direct connection to our Father in Heaven who is always there to send us help.

Yesterday as I was going to record a counseling session with my group from my Helping Realtionship/Into to Counseling class I remembered that I had written down that specifically I needed to remember to pray. To pray the night before, that morning and before the session, as well as during the session to have the spirit's influence with me and to be able to help Liz who I was helping and going to be listening to that day. I was really nervous to start off but as soon as she began to describe her problem I felt completely confident in my abilities and knew exactly what to say. I know that the Lord was with me and that we was with my mouth like Brother Cannon had relayed to me earlier that day. I really felt of God's love for me and felt a deeper compassion for Liz and felt a greater desire to really help her and listen sincerely to her concerns. I am so grateful for this class and how it is helping me relate to those around me. Listening is such an important skill. I always thought that when people came to you with a concern they wanted advice and to hear your life experiences and GREAT ominous knowledge but I was wrong. They want to be heard and listened to. They want to feel loved and appreciated more than anything, they just want to feel like someone is there and truly cares.
My dad always said if you want to have a friend you need to be a friend and to seek first to understand and then to be understood.

I am sad to leave this place but I know that I will always carry a piece of it with me and be able to multiply and share my experiences as I go out in the world, building the Lord's kingdom and raising a family to grow and develop and experience all that life and the Lord has for them. I am excited for Scott to start his job with Avery in Brea, CA. We are excited for this new chapter in our lives, to begin a family and experience all the joys and struggles that that will bring us. I am ready for this new chapter to start. Scott said the other day almost out of the blue, "I am excited to have kids, to see their personalities and what they will look like." I can't wait to meet them either! It's all I think of and aspire to do. He never used to bring stuff up like that but now that it is becoming more and more a reality and that time in our lives is drawing near I know that he is really looking forward to supporting a family and being a great father. I know he will be. Scott is my best friend and means the world to me. I couldn't imagine anyone else to share my life with. He is better than the dream guy I always imagined I would marry. He is so amazing to me! My love grows and grows for him every day. We are the perfect fit for each other and I am so excited to experience all that live holds for us, good or bad. I know we will be able to face it all together and grow and learn so much in the process. So here's to the future and reflecting on my experiences here. BYU-Idaho, teachers, family, friends thank you for all your support and love and for helping me along the way. there is no way I could have done this alone. I know that everything happens for a reason and looking back I am starting to see why the Lord placed me in the places and situations he did and I am so grateful for that!

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