Friday, October 7, 2011

Camden is 4 Months!

Can ya believe our little guy is 4 months old already?! The time has absolutely flown by. He is changing so much & getting soo big! The other night I was putting him into his crib and OH MY he was heavy! When did this happen?! I couldn't believe it. My baby is growing up!

It sure is fun watching him grow. His little personality is coming out even more and more. He sure is an active boy, no longer a content little newborn. All four limbs are always doing something, going in every direction and I am constantly trying to find ways to entertain him. He loves the outdoors and being out and about. As soon as we get out the door and the sun shines down on his little face he will stop fussing. It works like magic! We were at Disneyland yesterday and he loved every minute of it...he wasn't even interested in eating he was just so mesmerized with everything around him!

We live for his little smiles and adorable laughs! He jibber jabbers all day and drools like crazy. Camden prefers being upright and standing when you hold him and wouldn't mind being held all day. He loves being on his tummy and rolling around. He will let me read a few books to him at a time. He just loves looking at the pictures! Camden is getting more hair on top of his sweet little head. It is so soft and fuzzy...I could kiss his little head all day! He loves his diaper changed and laughs when we get him dressed or tickle his lil feet when putting socks on.

I love how he tries to eat your face when you kiss him and how he lets you know when he likes or doesn't like something. He has definitely found his voice. He welcomes the day crying as if to say, "Mom I am so done with this laying down thing...lets get up and go somewhere NOW!" Once I pick him up and prop him up on a pillow on our bed, tell him good morning and commence snuggle time, he is all smiles! I love our little routine in the morning. Evening times he always seems especially busy and fussy when we, the parents, are always the most tired. We take turns putting him to bed which is super nice!

Camden still loves his baths. He gets all relaxed and then super excited, splashing the water everywhere! He has become quite the hair puller and is starting to grab anything within his reach! He has been doing really well eating solids this last week. He makes the sour scrunched up face when trying new foods. Camden is 100% more fun than my Baby Alive growing up. Haha! I love it! Camden seriously gets so excited when Daddy comes home...It just melts my heart into a puddle every time. He has started teething so he has been chewing on everything including his little fists and hasn't been the happiest camper lately but man alive, we sure love him!

I can't believe how much my little baby is growing up. Each week brings something new! You feel like you finally got something figured out and then BAM onto a different challenge. Being a parent sure is fun and everything I thought it would be, but you definitely have to be ready for the whole package...The good days and the bad, the laughter and the tears! Good thing the laughter outweighs the tears and makes this all so worth it! Love you baby Camden. Happy 4 months!

Oh and after reading the letter my cousin, Elder Pliler, wrote from his mission in Chile this week, Camden decided he wants to be a missionary someday too!


Cam said...
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Kori said...

He is so cute! I love reading how similar our little baby boys are to each other.. If they ever meet, I think they will be friends:)
p.s. sorry about the deleted comment- it was signed in as my husband's boss.