Sunday, July 19, 2009

Disneyland Musical Marriage Proposal

A magical moment happens on Main Street, U.S.A. when this guy proposes to his girlfriend on a Summer evening in Disneyland. Oh my goodness this is epic. haha can you imagine? Not my kind of proposal but sweet none the less.

POST EDIT: So I guess this isn't for reals...but sure is a fabulous show :) Hope I didn't burst anyone's bubble. ha! (Thanks Shar for the low down)


Shar said...

so when i started watching the video I had to laugh b/c that is a guy that I know. I'm pretty sure it's not real, but I'll find out for sure and let you know. :)

Alyssa Brooke said...

OH MY GOSH! where in the world did you find this? its stinkin hilarious. You would think me of all people would have heard about it or something but nope! I sat here dumbfounded and trying so so hard to contain my laughter because of my [lame] throat issues as I watched this. WHO DOES THAT! I mean its so cute and sweet but honestly who goes hmmhow should I propose "oh yea ill write a musical and preform on main street usa!" they need remake this with zac efron and vanessa hudgens and call it HSM4:Wildcat Wedding. It seriously jumped straight out of high school musical- with that spontaneous bursting into song and choreographed dance! this is amazing!<3
and my sweet friend you cant get to CA soon enough! I'm so excited! Love you

Shar said...

found out for sure: disneyland hired the actors to perform :) (I figured it was either that, or he did it just to be funny. though that would have been pretty elaborate just to be funny.) Anyway, not engaged, not real. But a pretty good show! I wonder how many girls will dream of this happening to them? I personally think it would be awesome to have real life musicals happen - like you're walking down the street and everyone around you bursts out in song together. Very cool.

brittany+scott said...

crazy! wow ya that seriously is a lot of work and practice to put on a fake proposal. fooled me...but i guess it gives guys out there some good ideas. haha! good stuff. thanks shar.

& lyss....I totally knew you would go crazy over this. Sooo reminded me of HSM too! haha love it!

Shar said...

so my friend was telling me about these groups - I can't remember what they're called - that will announce online or somewhere "we're practicing at such and such time and performing at this time." Then you learn some routine quickly. And then you show up at the "performance" location (like a crowded park) in your normal clothes as if you were just a person spending some time at the park. Then one or two people start singing and slowly others join in so that it seems as if random people are jumping in to sing and dance. Does that make sense? It sounds cool. I'd like to watch one of them sometime. I bet they're online, I'm just too lazy to go search. haha.