Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Happy Birthday to an amazing husband!

He's a whole quarter of a century young!!! :)

My mom and I planned a fondue dinner for Scott's bday celebration this weekend and it was quite the hit!

We had lots of yummy veggies and breads and meats
and even some green apples!

The sauces were all really yummy and it was just FUN TO DO!

We ended up cooking half the meat on the stove top by the end because everyone was so hungry and it was taking forever to cook in the fondue pot. haha...plus you can imagine how it got a little crazy with raw meat flying everywhere and sauces spilling but we made the best of it for sure!

Here's all the party goers enjoying some fun fondue!

My lovely parents...

& grandparents...peeking out from the bread sticks!

Brookie boo...

& my strong hubs!

Cute lil Brin brin who looks so grown up now with her first lost tooth...

& the man of the night with lucky me!

We even had chocolate fondue with fruit instead of cake! After Scott blew out the candles the fruit disappeared in about 0.2 seconds between all of us! MMM it was sooo good!

Singing happy birthday to the birthday boy!

& opening fun presents! All in all it was quite the memorable bday celebration!

I'm lucky enough to be married to the most amazing husband who means the world to me! Happy BDAY babe. Here's to many more on channel 4 and Scooby Doo on channel 2...hehe.

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