Monday, August 11, 2008

How it all began...

HELLO BLOGGER WORLD! We have arrived :) Scott and I thought it would be fun to start a blog to share the story of how we met & keep you all updated on our adventures as we begin our journey together :) We will be wed on December 19th, 2008 in the San Diego Temple! We couldn't be happier! it goes, ENJOY!!!

September of 2007 is when it all happened...well, it began at least. Brittany and Scott both attended BYU Idaho, with thoughts of why they were attending this particular university. Later as we all know was simply to meet one another.

The story goes like this...Brittany and Scott were in the same ward and Family Home Evening group. The night they met was when they had an activity at one of the ward leader's homes, playing "Don't Eat Pete" and eating a spaghetti dinner.

As the fall semester continued, they saw each other every Sunday and Monday. Brittany always knew at some point she would get to know Scott very well. Patiently, she continued with school and dating. Scott was pretty much oblivious to any such feeling that Brittany had, he was simply just annoyed with the whole dating scene.

The fall semester was filled with fun activities. Brittany went to see Scott play flag football. Scott saw Brittany clog on the World Dance Team. They went to a haunted house, as well as watched a movie together with a group of friends. All of these activities were perfect situations for any action to be made. Yep, you guessed it; Scott still didn't make a move. The rest of the semester was well spent with friendly activities and "get to know you games". They both gained a strong friendship. As the semester ended, something suddenly hit Scott, and he realized that he had feelings for this special girl.

Between semesters, they talked a few times on the phone, sharing fun experiences and really getting to know each other better. Brittany, wanting an excuse to spend time with Scott asked him to help her move into her new apartment. Scott was especially willing and excited to help, and wondered where this might lead. They both knew something was would just be a matter of time.

In the winter of 2008 is when the two began dating, they met one another's family and continued to fall in love, by spending time together, having fun dates, long talks and just enjoying each other's company. Pretty soon they were inseparable. As the winter semester of school ended, Brittany would be going home while Scott would continue with school and work in Rexburg. A long distance relationship was hard, but well worth it.

During the summer, they were both SOOO grateful for technology! They communicated through texting, emails, Skype and talking on the phone every night. To ease the frustration of not being able to spend time together, Scott flew out to see Brittany in San Diego. Brittany then came up to Rexburg for a visit the next month. During these times marriage was a continuous topic. In July 2008 Scott came back to California with plans of asking her to be his forever. This momentous occasion happened 442 steps from Oceanside Pier. For the next few weeks following the engagement the telephone was bittersweet, as the two only wanted to be with each other. August 14 there were reunited and then the rest as they say is the making!!!


Jaime said...

Brittany!!! Soooooo cute!I have my details!! Love you!

Sean & Abby said...

Britt, I can't wait for the wedding. You two are such a cute couple, I always tell Sean that.
Don't forget..I'm here if you need any help!

KDub said...

You two are PRECIOUS!!

Kelee said...

Brit! Your blog is so way cute! I just love it! This is a great way to journal and to keep in touch! LOVE YA!!!

Desiree Blake said...

Cute :] You guys do alot of fun things...