Monday, August 1, 2011

Best 6 Weeks

These past 6 + weeks have been some of the very best weeks of my life! 

Man we love this baby, can you tell? He is just the most precious thing and we are bursting at the seams with love for him!  Never thought we could love so much! 

Camden is getting so big so fast. He is just changing every week and is now out of his newborn clothes and on to bigger diapers! We are loving this stage where he can recognize us a lot better and is just more alert to noises and things around him. He is smiling lots more and working on his social skills all the time :) I wish I could bottle up his sweet baby smell. I am always kissing his head. I love how he is a mirror image of his Daddy and how he gets so excited for his diaper changes! He makes the cutest little noises and I love hearing him from the other room just babbling to himself! Camden loves to be on his tummy. He has quite the strong neck and loves to look all around. He also just loves to cuddle and be all snuggled up to us! He is getting so long & his hair is thinning out on top. He kinda looks like a lil old man. Our lil guy is just too funny & cute for words!

 ...He slept through the night a few days ago only waking up once at 3am which was so nice to catch up on sleep but then the next night he only slept for 3 hours at a time and then the last 2 nights he has been up every single hour??!! It is hard to know how he is going to sleep on any given night. I do know the white noise app and Swaddle Pod we got him has really helped though....Basically we go to bed each night listening to a torrential downpour with our kid in a straight jacket! Haha. He loves it though! It is so funny how his left arm always makes it out the top in the middle of the night. He is quite the wiggler! 

I could go on and on about things but uhhh to sum it up it is quite the feat taking care of this little one and my brain is working on very little sleep but we just love him all the same and can't believe he is ours to keep. I am super de dooopery thankful for such a wonderful husband who is so supportive and helpful and loves his little boy so much. I couldn't do it without him that is for sure! 

We got our family pics done {by Photo by Geri} this past week and I am so excited to see how they turned out! Like sooooo excited! Camden was such a sweet angel baby when we took them. Guess he is just so used to having a camera in his face ;) 

Look how much I have grown from a few days old to now...


Brian Olsen said...

What are you feeding that kid? He has sure grown in 6 weeks. He'll be passing up Aspen in no time.

Shelly and Bryce Stanger said...

Oh my he really is changing and growing so much!! Can't wait to see him in a few weeks!

Cam said...
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Cait said...

OK So I'm glad I'm not the only one with a kid with an irregular night feeding schedule! Carmen did the same thing and had a few nights where she was waking up only around 3 to eat, and then it was all over the place, and now its about 11 and 4 and 6:30. sigh. When will they learn that night is for sleeping! Good thing they're so cute, right?

Carly said...

He is so cute and SUCH a mini-Scott. Don't worry. You're in there, too =) Keep these precious pics coming!