Friday, January 13, 2012

We have a crawler

Camden began learning how to scoot around 5 months, the end of November. It was amazing to me because we didn't even do anything to teach him. Just all on his own he has been meeting all these milestones & since then he has progressively learned how to full on crawl. He will be 7 months next Thursday & I just can't believe how fast it happened! Each day he gets faster and faster, farther and farther just exploring new rooms, objects and textures! We have had to completely baby proof the house and I constantly have my eye on him. He usually goes for things that have cords, lights or that is metal and shiny but one day I found him with the white rubber tip of the doorstop in his mouth....something I never crossed my mind as being a hazard. Good thing I pulled it out before he started choking on it!

He seems more like a little person to me than a baby now that he can move around. It is fun to see his personality shine through. He plays more independently and happily with his toys now which allows me to get a few more things done around the house...except for now I have to check on him every 30 seconds between tasks. The other night when I was getting ready, doing my hair to go out to dinner, I couldn't hear him tinkering with his toys anymore so I go to check on him and this is what I found....

He had crawled into a little square cubby in our bookcase that was just his perfect size! He wasn't even making a peep so I didn't find him right off the bat which scared me for a second...but then all of a sudden I saw these two little legs sticking out and wiggling. It was hilarious! 

These are the fun parts of being a parent. Watching your child grow and progress and experience new things for the first time. It is a pretty fun journey...especially since he makes us laugh so much through it all!

Our favorite thing is to make/hear him laugh. It is the best! He will laugh at the most random things and never the same things more than we are glad when we can capture it on camera! I have watched this over and over. Camden even likes watching it too. It is pretty funny stuff! Enjoy :)


Cait said...

Traci ate a door stop cap too when she was teeny! I was so scared but got it out on time. Today Carmen ate some poinsettia and puked it up. These are fun times!

I can't believe how little Camden is and already so mobile! 5 months is REALLY early to be crawling! he just must be curious about the world. =)

Carly said...

Oh my word. That video of his little kicking legs in the bookcase is probably in the top ten cutest things I have ever seen =)

Summer Naylor said...

I can't believe this! I know you are excited, everything is fun with the first. But I must say I am very glad Thomas is not mobile yet! I think when you have two you do not encourage it...I am content with the sitting in one place phase right now! Although, he may start crawling soon anyway, he is up on his hands and knees and he is scooting backwards now! So fun. Camden is such a cutie!