Friday, December 10, 2010


I would just like to preface this by saying 1) I don't like to rant and rave and complain and go on and on but sometimes you just gotta let it out ya know 2) I don't mean to offend anyone by anything I say or don't say. These are simply some of my opinions, thoughts, observations and frustrations as of late. 3) I would love to hear your opinion on any of these topics if you feel so inclined.

So here it goes....

Rant #1. Why when someone has a child and all of a sudden they have cute pictures to share you are all of a sudden cut off from the existence of their blog? It's like a secret little clique that I don't want to be a part of. haha. So I basically boycott private blogs and it really it makes me sad when people change their blogs to private because I have made up my mind that I won't read them. I just say adios...another one bites the dust. Even some of my fam members have private blogs and I don't read them any more because my emails are confusing and I would have to give you 5 emails just to make sure I would be logging into the right one. Too much trouble! Anyone else feel the same way? If you are thinking about turning to the other side, just say no to private blogs. There are so many other things I could say on this topic but I will stop there...I don't like private blogs....but I still want you to know that I will love you if you have a private blog.

Rant #2. Also, I really enjoy getting calls from debt collectors looking for Juan. NOT! 1-2 times a week I get a call from someone speaking Spanish and before they can even utter anything past , "Hola!" I say, "No this is not Juan, losiento. Wrong number. Bye!" I even try handing the phone to Scott and they still don't get what "You have the wrong number" means in their own native tongue. What did Juan fall off the face of the earth or something? Why hasn't he changed his number? I have had this phone for more than a year now! Oh and they always call at annoying times like 7 in the morning or during dinner. Stop that now! Also we are constantly getting mail for the last owners of our apartment and we have lived here for 6 months. Why can't THEY change their address. I have even been so nice as to call the county court house for them telling them that they should not be imprisoned because they are not recieving this piece of mail telling them they need to go to jury duty. I don't get this phenomenon. What happened to responsibility people??

Rant #3. It really upsets me when people live together before they are married. I seriously have anxiety over it. I just think it is so saddening and the whole concept just really upsets me. Please just get married people. Did you know that living together is considered to be more stressful than being married? & Many believe that couples who live together before marriage have a rockier journey in marriage. More than 50% of couples who live together before marriage end up apart either through just moving out or divorce later on. I just don't like it!

Rant #4. I can't stand cigarette smoke especially now that my senses are heightened and everything I breathe in goes not just into my lungs but into my baby's as well. Even while in Disneyland I have to hold my breath and run past the smoking area when trying to get to the Finding Nemo ride. Yes I could have gone the other way but I didn't okay. In Vegas it stunk too. I tried to stay out of the casino area as much as I could but some times while just passing through I just wanted to hurl. The smoke was so thick and gross. I had to leave my family behind while I raced to the safe zone and then waited for them to hurry up and meet me there. haha. Just quit people, you can do it!

Funny Note # 5. I think it is pretty hilarious how Southern Californians will wear boots, gloves, scarves and a hat when it is 50 degrees outside. This is considered warm in most parts of the country this time of year! haha. I love it! When I would come home to visit my family from school during breaks they would be in Uggs and scarves and I would be in capris and flip flops and would be shedding my sweat shirt because it felt so muggy to me compared to Idaho. haha. I am not saying I have the warmest blood but living in Idaho for 3 years sure has changed my perspective on this California warmth I so took for granted!

Ahhhh I feel better. Now I just have to take a deep breath and go have a happy & fun weekend with my hubs! Lates!


Devin said...

I love your rants, and I love that your blog is not private. When people have private blogs it takes the fun of stalking out of the blogging world. :)

chellyyy said...

i can agree with all of the above. valid rants. except. the weather. when it drops to 69 in Hawaii we bust out the uggs and sweaters. haha

ailinh harris said...

Atta girl, just let it out! :) Yah, totally agree about private blogs. I don't understand it. Why live in a world of fear?

Anyhow, if you're looking for Juan, I just bumped into him the other day. I'll pass along your message. ;)

Carly said...

You are so funny! And you are still so sweet when you're annoyed. Going through the trouble of going to the county court and such... precious.

The only time I wished I had a private blog was when I wrote satire on my mysterious asian roommate. She found it. She was livid. I was scared. How was I supposed to know she was going to google her own name? =)

I hope they find Juan, I hope the world stops smoking (including our President!), and I hope that cohabitation is just a phase.

Oh, and I'm excited to see you ssoooooonn. We're totally gonna make this work.

Elisa Ruiz said...

i had to change my number because debt collectors kept calling for a David....they would not take my number off their calling list either! So after 6 months i gave up and got a number that NO ONE had before me!

And i agree with the living with someone before marriage, i'm old fashion and i could not ever live with my boyfriend unless we were married!

Shelly and Bryce Stanger said...

Love it!!Conpletely valid on all accounts!!!!!!!! Love you you ranting and raving lunatic!!

Beth said...

I agree with all of the above. There are some people who I completely lost connection with because they went private. Sad, really, but it's true when you don't live by your old friends anymore!

Chelsea said...

Okay Britt I love this! You are too funny! Since I have a private blog I must defend myself :) I went private for reasons of people seriously being a little too creepy and psychos that can't seem to move on with ex-girlfriends that still tell people they were supposed to marry my husband. Weird. It just makes me feel safe because I am paranoid about people I don't know reading all about my life. Call me crazy. I'm sad you don't read my blog, but I understand :) We miss you guys and are so excited for your little peanut to get here!!