Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Sooo a little bit of background...earlier this week Scott and I went grocery shopping and stocked up on new toothbrushes and toothpaste. I began telling Scott what I learned in my advertising class how products are pretty much the same just the packaging and promotions are different when we suddenly come to the dental aisle and my foot goes in my mouth....actually when it comes to toothpaste and tooth brushes I believe differently! I continued by having to convince Scott to let me buy the brand name stuff that I think is the very best, my Aquafresh extreme clean, foaming action orange mint toothpaste!!!

And now fast forward today when in class I had to do the very same thing!! My advertising teacher splits the class by what toothpaste you used and each spokesperson of the group had to give a shhpeeel trying to convince other groups why they should use your brand of tooth paste. I was extatic when I ended up being the ONLY one backing up Aquafresh brand!! "YES, I SO have this!"

I got up and explained how not only does Aquafresh prevent cavities and freshen your breath but its super cool when the different colors of the genius combination of gel and paste come out of the tube, and the packaging is the most exquisite and classy packaging of all toothpastes and will prove to all your friends how much you value your mouth....and how it is bursting with foam action for a whole new feeling of clean! Aquafresh, put value into your mouth. And that's what did it!!!! Now everyone in my class wants to try Aquafresh. HAHA...well at least that's how I felt when I received a roaring applause!!!!

Thank you Abby Peters for getting me hooked on such a wonderful toothpaste (when we were at efy & I reluctantly tried your orange mint toothpaste haha) and thank you Aquafresh for providing such a unique and all together amazing flavor of toothpaste!


Sean & Abby said...

oh my gosh! haha i was just about to say hey i use that everyday for like years... so funny!

Efy...good times.

and your welcome :)

brittanyandscott said...

haha im glad we are in censent that this is the best toothpaste ever! only cuz it is right?? (I sound like im obessed over toothpaste or something..when really im just laughing at how funny this is.) & yes thank you again abbs. haha :)

Jaime said...

Brittany!! You crack me up...I'm sure the makers of Aquafresh can now sleep a little easier knowing that you are their biggest supporter :)

Alyssa Brooke said...

you are so weird but totally hilarious hahahahah love you

Kristina said...

Yesterday, I asked Jan to grab me some toothpaste while he was at the store. He went to hang up after I asked that, as if what kind wasn't even important!

Brooke sat there and listened to me describe the awesome toothpaste that I absolutely must have - aquafresh extreme clean - and just looked at me for a second. Then she said "I think you just recited word-for-word a blog that Brittany Farrow wrote.

Ha ha. So I had to come find your post and comment on it. :) Love this toothpaste. Absolutely love it.