Sunday, September 30, 2012


My 2 boys! Love them! 

Camden loves his bike helmet. Sometimes he will just want to wear it while playing so I had to capture a few shots. He is so funny! He just loves anything to do with bikes! 

Bought him this cute little bear at Target the other day and he wanted to snuggle with it all day long! He even fell asleep cuddling it! So cute!

He is my little helper....sorta! Loves being right by mommy doing whatever I am doing....including pulling out all the cleaning wipes! 

My little church boy blowin kisses and all!

Such a precious little profile.

Love me some footie pajamas & watching his fav "Blues Clues" on Netflix!

Me and my boy on my birthday before going out to dinner! He is the cutest! 

Life with a 15 month old is the greatest!

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Roper said...

Love the bow-tie, sooo cute! Camden is getting so big!