Thursday, February 26, 2009

Alla Cuelga Mi Vestido

Out of the conflict came this painting. The only collage in the artist, Frida Kahlo's oeuvre, it represents an ironic portrait of American capitalism and superficiality. Filled with symbols of a modern American industrial society, it points to social decay and the destruction of fundamental human values.

What is missing from this painting is the focal point of nearly all of Frida's paintings…herself. Instead, Frida's Tehuana dress hangs empty and alone amidst the chaos in the background. It may be her way of saying "I may be in America but only my dress hangs there…my life is in Mexico." Frida started this painting while still in New York and finished it after she and Diego returned to Mexico.

I came upon this painting in Spanish class just yesterday & Alla Cuegla Mi Vestido just speaks to ME as of lately. "I may be in Iceburg (I mean Rexburg) but only my dress hangs there, my life..our beyond here." And though I may feel this way right now, I have to keep patient and sane because only heaven knows how many life lessons I still need to learn before we leave this bubble and go out into the big bad world. Education isn't just about learning facts so your brain will be full of information, its about mastering yourself. Too bad I know this to be true...because we all know with knowledge comes responsibility. Oh no responsibility! But seriously sometimes life is just hard (not that my life is all that hard...) BUT if it wasn't hard, if it was just easy...we wouldn't be able to know true joy and happiness. I'm grateful for the knowledge I have of the principles of the gospel and of hope and trust in our Savior who can take all our burdens from us. I am grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who is constantly patient and willing to help us if we will simply do our part.

So here's to doing MY part more fully. Wish me luck!

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Alyssa Brooke said...

sweetie this is why I totally love you and feel so lucky to have you as my best friend!! I love your attitude. I totally feel the same and as much and I ADORE London my dress( and boots and scarf) only hang here and where my most dear friends and family are is my true home. <3 u rooo