Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A Note, From: Scott

Hi, This is Scott I thought since my name was on this blog...I should probably write something. I couldn't concentrate very well in the library, mind wandering, no know, non-productive. Brittany was working at this time but scheduled to get off at 2 then we were going to go eat lunch. So about 5 'til I go sit in front of the desk where she works (she couldn't see me) kinda stalkerish but not, because were is about 2:05 now and she still hadn't clocked out, and after she did clock out she saw a task that needed to be done and did it. She then was approached by a girl asking a question...a 3 minute question at that, and Brittany simply helps her and responds with a smile even though she wasn't even on the clock working. She has done similar things on other occasions also, she just goes the extra mile. Which is great customer service, and selfless. I love her. Happy Fourth!


chellyyy said...

definatly not stalkerish. cuttte observation. brittany is a wonderful lady and you are a wonderful guy!

Carly Noel said...

That is the sweetest thing I've ever heard.

And that sounds just like Brittany Bo.

brittany+scott said...

Isn't he precious! Aw baby thanks, I love you.