Monday, February 28, 2011

We Love Boston

Such a beautiful, classy city! We spent all Saturday just strollin around, shopping, eating and soaking in all that was Boston! Can't wait to go again! 

(Pretty sure I could live here I just love it that much!)

Just a walk through the Boston Common!
Met a lil squirelly
The buildings are all so gorgeous & picturesque! So much detail & character! Love it!
Love the detail on these old cathedrals toooo.
I so wish we could move into one of these beauties!
3+  Grand  to rent these apartments though! Sheesh!
The sun was smilin down upon us! Such a beautiful weekend! (Hope next is just as great! It is supposed to rainnnn lots)
Just me and my hunny! We had to take some much needed breaks from all the walking!
Still more gorgeous buildings & scenery!
Sweet wintery lil bench...
Famous George Washington Statue!
Trekking up Beacon Hill! That was fun!
Love the lush cobblestone!
Golden top state capitol building!
We ran into Mr. Harvard himself in Cambridge and got to rub his lucky shoe!
Harvard campus buildings are pretty amazing...
Funny story...I helped give this random girl directions to get to the library. No one else in our group knew what to tell her but I knew exactly where it was located because I had been taking so many pictures of it! HAHA! It was quite impressive.
I suggested that Scott get his MBA here...that would be funnn right?!
Next on to visit the famous Fenway Park...
It was pretty exciting!
After dinner a trip to Mike's Pastry was a must! So going back!
Um these were the best Cannoli's ever! Sooooooo creamy and yummy!

(click here to view more pics of our trip.)


Ailinh Harris said...

Wow! Great pics, Brit. I hope we get to visit Boston someday, it looks like such a fun place to be.

Derek & Brittany said...

CA, NY, to MA Quite the jet setters! Very fun, enjoy and extra cannoli for me!

Aubrey said...

how fun!!! You are quite the photographer too!! It looks amazing there! I am so glad you are having fun! we miss you!

Tonya said...
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The Todds said...

What a fun trip! You guys are so lucky to have this month to tour that area-once in a lifetime opportunity for us West Coasters! I'd love to get to NY and Boston someday. Keep on keepin on!

Carly said...

I LOVE BOSTON! It's been years since I went, but it is such an amazing city. You should go to the Cheers restaurant, and did you follow the freedom trail? So cool.