Wednesday, November 13, 2013

In the Blink of an Eye

So I have kind of put blogging on the back burner lately but I was looking though some old posts and realized it is fun to remember details and things I am already beginning to forget. I reminded myself I don't need to make things complicated, just need to post something, whatever really, to keep track of where are lives are at and what is important to us now SO here goes a rather lengthly post one of blog recovery...

In the blink of an eye our Camden has become this sweet thoughtful lil person with such a big heart. While tucking him into bed the other night we started saying our nightly family prayers. We included the people of the Philippines in our prayer and all of a sudden Camden opened his eyes to looked up at us and he said,"People scared. Jesus help them." 
He had remembered the news footage from earlier that night & remembered what we had told him about how we can pray for others and how Jesus will help them. He had been so concerned while watching the typhoon footage and kept saying, "People scared. People scared." He truly is such a thoughtful little guy who is very in-tune with others emotions. I love how we were able to turn this into a teaching moment to help instill trust and faith in Christ's love and infinite power. Amazing how he is already beginning to learn these things at such a young age. It is so important that we teach our children to what source they may look to for help. 
Then last night I had another little sweet moment with my boy. I was telling him how awesome he is & he looked up at me and said, "Mama, pitty eyes, bown." As my heart melted over I said thanks to my little sweetheart and he replied, "I adoable!" Haha. Adorable and he knows it! Just love my tiny lil man & everything that he is teaching me....

Like lately...patience. When he bursts out into crying or whining I have started signing Primary songs & Christmas songs {like when I'm trying to make dinner and all he wants is me to hold him with my big huge belly in the way} and it seems to diffuse the situation and save my sanity! Instead of getting mad at him or escalating his crying by punishing him or something I just start singing and ignore his crying haha. It might not work right away but it always seems to invite a different spirit into the room that calms us both down.....So o
ther than not wanting to ever take naps anymore {unless he falls asleep in the car or daddy is holding him} Camden has been an angel potty trainer....maybe I'll do a whole post on that later but we are amazed at how well he has done and so thankful he is all potty trained, even through the night. He has been potty trained for a little over 6 months now. Such a tender mercy given that he hardly slept a wink the first year of his life ;) Also, he wants to do everything himself these days and is always telling me, "I doo dit mom!" & "No, my turn mom!" He is becoming such an independent little guy & so imaginative. He loves to play kitchen, doctor, spaceship, trains & cars. 
Some other fun things he has been saying lately {that I keep track of on the notes in my phone}...

Baby in there?! Open! Emery stuck!

Racing to the potty...
Mom: You won!
Cam: No I two!

Me: You are my greatest little treasure!
Cam: Monies?
Me: Haha no you are much more precious than money baby!

Mom I'm Manny! (Fixing things with his tools)

I'm Justin Time! (Ninja moves with headband on)

I'm laying on the couch resting this morning after Cam had woken up super early, and he comes right up to my face and puts his sweet little hand on my forehead (like he's checking for a fever) and so very genuinely asks, "Mom feel good? You okay?" Haha yep for as busy as this boy keeps us, he sure knows how to warm our hearts.

Camden: My elephant!
Me: No, this is for baby Emery...
Camden: Baby Emery Share?

Me: (Putting in eye drops)
Camden: Good job Mom!

C: Bite mom?
Mom: Oh thanks bud (as I take a bite out of his toast)
C: Good bite mom!

Reminding mama to chew her food :)

My amalls (animals)

What you dooning (doing) mom/dad?

What's dis? {Over and over again}

Says, "Careful Camden!" Or "Good job Camden!" to himself! :)

Name Camden {as he points to himself}

Superman fast! {as he runs all through the house}

I do caff mommy! (Craft)

Dropped spaghetti box out of cart & exclaims..."aw cap!" (Crap, whoops :)

Mom: I love you Camden.
C: I love you too mama. Pretty hair.

Let's go Meema's house mama. Come on! Car!

{listening to our gps say the street we are on} "Camden Ridge Drive!...Mommy Ridge Drive?"

Tucking his stuffed animals in and kissing them all good night. "Body rest" then 2 seconds later..."Okay wake up monkey!"

Mom: Camden careful you don't want to fall.
Camden: More stitches?

Happy ween! {Halloween}

Cams belly growled and he said..."see mom, my belly toots!" Hahaha

Cam woke up with socks on that he put on all by himself! One on backwards & the other inside out. "Yeah, did myself mom!"

On the way home from taking dad to the airport cam said..."awwwww I miss dad! no Go home! I want to go on a trip too! Go airport! See Meema!"

Cam: Daddy home?
Mom: No daddy's on a work trip but he will be home soon!
Cam: Wed-day?
Mom: Yep! Daddy will be home Wednesday! (He is such a old listener/rememberer)

While eating our breakfast...
Cam: where's my tractor?
Mom: it's in the front room. We can go play with it!
Cam: No, we need to eat our cereal!

Bought Camden a little doctor set & as we broke it out to play he said, "mommy I check your temper?"

Walked into our office area and saw paper plates thrown everywhere...."frisbees mama!"

So funny when he tells me, hold on mom or just a minute mom.

I bought 4 little nutcracker ornaments for our tree this yer and cam keeps calling them "graham crackers."

Mom: Wow Cam, my belly is getting big isn't it?!
Cam: Mine too mom! {as he lifts up his shirt to show me} Belly bump!

Just love our little 2 1/2 year old and can't wait for him to be a big bro. He is so excited already and loves to play doctor on my belly to check baby's heart beat. The other day I asked him if he was excited to be a big brother and he said, "I excited. Hold her and kiss her!" He is going to be the sweetest! So thankful to be a mama to my sweet babies! 

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marissa said...

so glad you posted! gives me motivation to be better about keeping up with my journals too. oh and can I just say you are an AMAZING mom. holy smokes. when malea is whining and crying, I yell. haha but i think i might try the singing thing instead ;) also so envious of the potty training! it has been a nightmare over here as far as potty training goes....Basically just wanted to say you are great and we are excited to see pics of your newest addition!