Monday, July 8, 2013

Sweet Baby #2

Baby #2 Coming - January 26, 2014! 

Being pregnant this time around has been quite the roller coaster of emotions & some things are too personal to share but we felt like we couldn't even really get excited til just barely...didn't want to get our hopes up & I felt bad being "happy" when I still missed the little baby we could never hold. One day I was excited, the next I was a ball of emotions...But now we are just super excited and ready to start preparing for another little miracle to enter our family.

I knew immediately when we became pregnant this time around & the ultrasounds have been so crystal clear,  I know the Lord has blessed me with these sweet miracles along the way to let me know everything is going well & that he is aware of us. I feel like this little baby's spirit is already a part of our home & feel just so blessed to be a Mom.

It is amazing being part of the miracle of life. I pray for those out there struggling to get pregnant or to keep their sweet babies because I know in small part, how hard it can be. I have learned so much this year about how happiness has to come from within, not from our outside circumstances. I have always known that, I guess, but I have really had to make the choice each day to wake up and make it a good day. Life isn't always easy but the Lord gives us trials so we can grow and become stronger. That wasn't something I wanted to hear when everything was going down but looking back I can see it is true. It has made me a more sympathetic and understanding person and taught how I can better help and serve those around me. I obviously have so much to keep learning and growing in, I am just so thankful the Lord is always with us & doesn't ever leave us comfortless. Amazing how much trials can shape your perspective.

I have really been feeling great for the most part! All the symptoms I feel, I really can't complain because I am just so happy to have a healthy baby. Camden has been a good distraction to feeling sick because I just have to keep going no matter what. I have been blessed to feel pretty good during the day. The mornings and nights are the hardest. Nausea has been on and off and mostly have felt super exhausted but now that I am almost in the 2nd trimester my energy levels are starting to go back up.

Now just can't wait...7 more weeks til we find out baby's gender. This pregnancy is really going by fast (mostly because I have Cam to keep me busy, I think) & I kind of feel like it is a girl this time around but I would be so fun to have a little bro for Camden so I am definitely excited for either one! He is going to be the cutest big brother. The other day I asked Camden if he was excited to be a big brother and without hesitation he said, "Baby!" & then pointed to my belly and said, "Mama!" Yes, Mama has a baby! Such a sweet boy. He now points to his belly and says baby. Haha!

...I Bought the book Babywise and a Hypnobirthing book to read this time around. I am going to be way more prepared now that I "know" what it is really like to be in a labor and to have a newborn. I thought I was prepared last time but really I didn't know anything! Ha! I DO know this time around though, how amazing the end result is and how awesome it is to bring a life into this world & I couldn't be more excited for that!

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