Friday, October 31, 2008


...SO today is really 49 days till marriage but yesterday was 50 days!!!! That is less than 2 months away! We are getting so excited :) So to commemorate this significant and momentous occasion....I am going to write 50 things I love about being in LOVE with my BEST FRIEND! (Even though there's way more wonderful things about our love than that!)

1. He makes me laugh the hardest I have ever laughed!
2. I can't stop smiling when I am around him
3. Scott gives the best hugs
4. He inspires me to always do my best
5. We walk to classes together
6. We text eachother goodnight
7. He always tells me he loves me
8. He writes love notes to me
9. We have really good conversations
10. He is always there to listen
11. We cook good foods together
12. We love our families!
13. Scott picks me up at 6 am to take me to work on Fridays!!
14. We read conference talks together for
our Teachings of The Living Prophets class
15. We say lovely prayers together
16. He lets me cry on his shoulder if I need to
17. He supports me in all that I do
18. He is always so sweet to my roommates
19. We take fun drives together
20. We take lots of fun pictures
21. Cinnamon Bears will always remind me of him
22. He visits me at work
23. He makes studying in the library more fun
24. We love a good deal $$$
25. We talk about our dreams and goals
26. We like/love California & the beach
27. Scott so kindly puts up with my fruit & sushi cravings
28. It doesn't matter what we do, we always have fun together
29. We go grocery shopping together
30. At times he can be super silly and goofy :)
31. Scott makes a really good old man impression
32. He is kind to everyone
33. He takes his church, school, and work responsibilities seriously
34. He gives super good advice
35. We have matching laptops
36. He taught me how to snowboard
37. Hes always patient and loving in all he says and does
38. We both love the San Diego Temple
39. & We both can't wait to be sealed there for all time and eternity
40. Jones Juice flavor names make us laugh...."Your Momagranete" haha
41. He loves me for me
42. Scott is verrrry smart and talented
43. We like to work out in the gym together
44. We like roadtrips and airplane trips together :)
45. Scott is the best fiance and will be the best husband...and father!!
46. We love each other no matter what
47. We give hello & goodbye kisses
48. We have fun planning our lives together
49. Scott holds my hand when we walk places & opens doors for me..
he is such a gentleman!
50. I love Scott with all of my heart & can't wait to be his wife :)



Jeff & Nicole said...

you guys are such a cute couple. HE sounds like an awesome guy...which you totally deserve!! We hope we get to see you at the reception!!!

Chase & Cait said...

Wow! You're getting married! You guys look so happy together. Last time I talked to your mom she said you were getting serious with a boy and I guess thats true! Congrats! Marriage is awesome.

Jaime said...

So cute Brit! Next time you should write 50 things you like about yourself. People love people who brag about how great they are:) hahaha, love you!