Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Just one of those days

cute stressed out boy pic courtesy of flickr.

So my day starts like this....

8:20 am. I think to myself, "yess I can sleep in a little more. This is good cuz my day is going to be busy." (Yea understatement of a life time)....cuz SIKE I have a work meeting at 9! BAMB! I jump out of bed, throw up my hair, and wouldn't you have guessed...put on my slipperiest of shoes that I vowed I would never wear again on a snowy day. So we rush out the door...(by the way I have to run back inside to get my scarf cuz its a whopping -11 degrees outside!!!)

So then I endure the meeting...next on the agenda: finish spanish homework before class that starts in 1.5 hours. Next go to the 3rd floor of the library to print out visual media project on weird sized paper. It doesn't print so I have to go to floor 1 to print it....but wait...I was such in a rush this morning I FORGOT to grab my WALLET to pay for printing!!! ARGGGGHH

Sooo I call up my sweetheart who leaves his internship to bring me his byui-card with a whole $9 dollars on it (yess perfect! I love him) ...I meet him in front of the Smith building and then head back to the library 3rd floor. By this time I am sweating and trying not to fall on my face while walking back to the library to finish printing 2 lovely pieces of paper for my visual media project....AND to pick up my devotional ticket. (Cuz when an apostle comes to speak everyone wants to go. & I'll get to that later) I look at my phone for the time and have to head to class pronto.

I hike up 4 more flights of stairs in the Smith building while calling my mom back cuz I couldn't talk for very long earlier when she called.... I get to the top and take a deep breath as I turn in my barely ledgable homework I finished earlier...then ALL of Spanish class I am thinking about my project and how I still need to finish it.....my teacher calls on me and I manage to utter something that sounded like a forgein language as the guy behind me whispers the answer...(the blank in the sentence, justo.) GRACIAS!!!!!

Then I have a 2.3 second decicison to make as to where I should go next...my next class or back to the library to finish my project...It wasn't that hard to make when all my inner conscious kept saying to me was to FINISH THAT PROJECT!!!! I head back up to the thrid floor to cut out and spray mount my project! WHEW. I got it done in 1 hour...(plus the hectic morning hours)...but do I feel relief?? NO i still have to turn it at 3:15 in the Spori and have it graded!!

Then 2:00 pm comes around...I walk to the Hart for a lovely devotional by our beloved apostle D. Todd Christofferson where I was enlightened and uplifted treeeeemendously. I got to sit in the 5th row! It was really neat when he first came in and everyone stood. I just love the spirit that comes into the room when that happens! Although, Scott wasn't able to come I took some notes and told him I would say hi to Elder Christofferson....errr I waved to him at least.

Back to my "project saga"....After devo I head to the library to pick up my COMPLETED project and for a plastic bag to cover it from the wet snow! I then get to the Spori and find out I in fact have not compeleted my project! I need to print out another copy of the final! I log into a computer, email the project to myself, and then presume to print it out on the 2rd floor with Scott's icard. It wouldn't WORK...So I truck back to class print it again and head up there again.....when a light bulb goes off! I can't print this because I am using someone elses i-card! dannng.

Oh well I'll try later....right now I have to figure out what to say during my presentation of my project, a presentation that I didn't know I had to do...So I give my 1 minute shpeeeel on why my project fufills the requirements and I resume my lovely projecting...I do all this fancy dancy computer emailing and logging into both our accounts and finally after endure all the anxiety of presenting and not having your project completely done....I dash upstairs to print and am back in no time to staple and while laughing to myself, turn in my proyecto of the very top of the pile! yayyyy! HALLLELUJAH!!!! I was done done done!

I actually started skipped on my out of class and was SO happy to go to work...if you can believe that. I even helped someone who didn't have their i-card and just let them use their i-card number...(its against policy but I figured it was the right thing to do...cuz I understand what it feels like not to have your card...it was one of those pay it forward things.) haha.

So here comes the moral of the story...Eventhough my day was one of the busiest of the semesters, I tried pulling my hair out a few times, and my mind was going 239487236464 MPH the whole day...I am still smiling at the end of it all (& sighing deep sighs of relief that WHEW It's over...for now at least) I did it! I didn't give up in my persuit. In reality it could have been a MUCH more hectic day than it was...I am just glad my Heavenly Father knows how much I can take & that I made it through and came out feeling so much better & all the while learning perfectly applicable lessons for the rest of my life.

Life's a garden, dig it up! yeaaaa.



Bonnie & Brian said...

I just gotta tell ya, I was extremely amused and engrossed while reading your story! Wow. First of all, I remember those -11 degree days but can't for the life of me remember how I ever got through them! Is it really possible to step out into that kind of weather without your body going into shock and shutting down completely?? I don't know. THEN, the whole run around with trying to print things at the library and at the Spori and wondering how you can squeeze in those last minute things for a project.... I HAVE HAD THOSE DAYS EXACTLY!!! Even with the trying to use someone else's i-card and then coming up with a presentation shpeel you didn't know about. You really hit it on the nail! All the power to ya, Brittany. Good luck with everything and one day you will get to say "all is done" with school and be so proud of yourself that you made it through all those crazy days! Of course, don't forget to enjoy college while ya got it because there's also many things I will miss and cherish! (People tell me the same thing about pregnancy... I'm not sure exactly how I will miss being pregnant or what I'm supposed to cherish about it at the time, but I'm sure I'll figure it out somewhere down the road...) I'm ready for that baby girl! :)

brittanyandscott said...

I was actually thinking that day that you probably had those very same kind of days...especially when you are a graphic design major and have a lot more of those kinds of classes!!! man! I'm glad you made it thru..that means i might just have a chance! haha :) Your awesome Bonnie, thanks!