Sunday, January 18, 2009

A slice of life

We are deliriously happy doing all our things...
school, work, internship, homework, and PLAYING HOUSE!!!

I know these aren't the best of pictures
...cuz I just took them super fast...
BUT this is a peek into our very own home sweet home!
Complete with 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom AND a washer and dryer!!!
OHHH We like it, we love it! Thanks family for all the sweet furniture!
(oh and WHEN our room is clean ill show you our sweet room..ha!)

Now we just need to persuade
some fun people to come over and play with us!! :)

...AND now for your viewing pleasure (and
on to the more exciting part of this post),
may I present to you...
this most hilarious and creative "commercial"
created by my dear sister BROOKE!
..She is quite the professional singer let me tell you :)
I definitely got a few chuckles out of this one


Sean & Abby said...

cute place! you've got some nice decorating skills.. Is that the spice rack we got you?

Sean and I are checking our calendars, his mom is supposed to visit us in February so I will let you know!

Sean & Abby said...

hhaha! i just watched Brooke's video. hilarious. love the bloopers!!

chellyyy said...

o my gosh your sister is a hilarious.... your place looks darling. looks like you guys got into a wonderfull little place dear..

love you lots!

Bonnie & Brian said...

nice apartment! I'm looking forward to seeing what you've done with the bedroom too :) I got your msg about adobe and brian said he talked to scott about it. Was it just illustrator or the whole suite that you wanted? I think brian would feel more comfortable just "loaning out" one program rather than the whole suite (due to copywriting laws and such) I'll see if we can bring up illustrator tomorrow. see ya then!!!