Wednesday, February 23, 2011

24 Weeks

Not long till I'm in the 3rd trimester! Woohoo! Only 16 weeks left in total is all! Crazy! Baby boy is getting bigger and kicking me lots!! The belly theater just gets more dramatic every day. I can just sit here and watch it pop and bounce and it feels really weird when he's moving side to side. I love it! On the downside I have been feeling dizzy and sick feeling if I do too much or sometimes just after I eat & my super achy knees and joints make feel like I am a 90 year old woman! I don't know how the pioneer women did it...crossing the plains while pregnant?! Just crossing a few blocks in NYC was enough for me!

I have also had a lot of heartburn which is partly why I have a hard time sleeping at night....the other half of that would be baby boy kicking me lots and just feeling like I can't get comfortable. I pretty much have been living off Tums and Benadryl/Tylenol PM at night just to survive. I also have to go to the bathroom lots more frequently, sometimes after 5 mins I have to go again. At night I usually have to get up once or twice and it has been getting harder to lift myself up. I usually have to roll to the side and then slip myself off the bed. Kind of awkward and funny. I have to sleep with pillows on my sides or else I wake up with my rib cage feeling extremely sore and bruised feeling from my growing baby pressing up under my ribs and chest.

Sometimes I still can't believe there is a little 1 1/3 pound baby growing inside of me. He is supposed to gain another 1/2 a pound this week alone. (Oh and so far I have gained like 12+ pounds. Kind of crazy if you ask me!!!) I am just amazed at this entire process and feeling so anxious to hold my little baby in my arms...outside of my belly, especially since within the last week 3 of my friends have had their babies! So exciting! Soon we get to tour the hospital and attend a birthing that should be super awesome and help me feel like we are progressing and getting closer!!! Oh and just to document, my cravings so far have consisted of: Pickles (going on 9 jars), Easy Mac, Goldfish Crackers, Raspberries, Cucumbers, Gatorade (Which I never liked before), Spaghetti and Granola! MMM...I think I'll go eat some pickles and easy mac right now! YUM!


Carly said...

You look beautiful =) I'm so excited to get where you are. haha.

Lindsey Harmer said...

I LOVED gatorade when I was prego. But it HAD to be blue! You're adorable P.S.

Summer Naylor said...

I love reading another prego woman's woes! It makes me feel sane and validated for my own ups and downs. And it reminds me how different it is the second time around compared to the first when I barely showed until half way through and everything was new and exciting. Don't get me wrong... I'm thrilled to be pregnant again, it is just funny to compare the differences! Hang in there!

Alyssa Brooke said...

you are seriously adorable. I love love love reading about all this. makes me feel like were not quite so far apart! anyway. you are darling and amazing and wonderful and funny and gonna be the cutest ever lil mama. tell scottland aloha for me! miss you roo <3