Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ode to my fav snack

I love...

I really am not a junk food lover but
honestly gushers are the most

I try to convince everyone they are
reeeallly good for you....
the gooey inside is made of fruit juice
and concentrated pears!

Some like to eat them frozen...
they are pretty good that way, however
I like em simple & FRESH from the package!

I am constantly craving these babies
& you can find a trail of wrappers
where ever I go.
(My friends can attest to this.)

Now I just hope my head doesn't turn
into a huge FRUIT or something...
like in the commercials. haha

I gotta have my gushers!


chellyyy said...

gushers and fruit roll up.. both favorites of my little brown bag in the day of carrying one.

Anonymous said...

I love Gushers too!! For Christmas, my mom sent me one of the huge boxes and my husband didn't understand my squeal of joy. (I hadn't had them in a long time.) They were gone in about 3 days. YUM!

Kelee said...

those are disgusting Brit! Sick!