Thursday, June 18, 2009

I need to VENT

WHOAAAAAAA. Usually when I am feeling crummy....I like to post the opposite of what I am feeling so that I will feel better...but sometimes maybe I think it helps to do the opposite of THAT?? My journal is full of what I am truly feeling...but my blog is just full of the cheery, sunshiney, look what fun things I did this weekend type of stuff. Maybe I am being too cynical today... {Thursdays are usually not my best days. Maybe I should not say that so that I will believe the opposite....} I am usually always so optimistic... lately though, I have been kinda looking at reality and things as they really are...just looking at the black and white of things and not some bright colorful picture which makes for a not so happy Britany. {P.S. this morning I told the guy at the health center my wrong birthday...I forgot my own birthday ppl...and then when proooof reading this post I spelt my own name wrong...hhhaha and I am going to leave it that way!!!} I have a wonderful life and wonderful people in it. I know you have to look at the good things in your life and realize that life is hard and not to get dragged down by the hard LITTLE things....but I feel the more I tolerate the little annoying things the worse it is when one more little thing gets to me and then I explode....I dunno. I feel so dumb because these things that make me mad are so trivial and just a few hours ago I was the happiest girl on the I am having a little pity it is. my dumb pathetic list. I am a list maker. so list list list...

Things I currently dislike: for not letting me publish my stupid blog post and then deleting it off the face of the planet earth so it is never to be found again.
-my laptop because it is the cause of me being able to access correctly
-saying I am over it....when I really am not
-the heat off my laptop because it is making me feel hotter than I would like to be
-how hard I am pressing each letter on the keyboard to write this post.
-having to work tonight from 9-11:30 pm...because we are alreayd over staffed and I don't even really have to be's just for my own benefit of making some mooolahhh.
-pouring rain without an umbrella {that we left in the car}
-thundery cloudy skies with no sun...
-geting mad at dumb things.
-having really hurtful canker sores and having no remedy available other than holding my minty fresh orbit peppermint spray gum on it with my tongue
-making lists of things you dislike and then publishing them for all to see
-the time I am wasting in writing this pointless post

It's okay to cry at dumb things sometimes right???
I actually am feeling better.

please if you would... go to my lovely website and comment on something....

&& I WOULD like to leave this post on a good note though...peace on earth good will to men. there I have said it. now have a good day peeps. {a happier post will be coming soon}

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Tisha said...

Hey Brittany! I totally know how you feel. And I definitely hate it when the small things erk me so bad too. Blogging for some reason helps though. :)

p.s. I love your blog, you and your husband are adorable.

chellyyy said...

brittnay i had a venting post the other night. and just like you normally when i have a crummy day i post the opposite in hopes to cheer myself up. but seriously sometime a girls GOTTA vent. i can't wait till your in san diego. so we can grab a bit to eat and go play on the beach. your like the sun to my shine. love you Britt

brittany+scott said...

Thanks girls! It was just one of those days :)