Saturday, June 27, 2009

Moving Day!

So today is moving day! Tonight we will be sleeping in our brand new older apartment haha. I have grown quite attached to our first little apartment and now we are already leaving it...sad! But it is for the best. We are actually quite excited to be moving! This will be our last apartment in Rexburg since we only have a year left here. Yippee!

Oh and did I mention this is the view outside our window? It really is...well not this dramatic but we can see it just a block or two away from our apartment. How cool is that?

So it would be WAY sweet if all we had to do was ask our whole entire ward to help us move our actual apartment instead of just moving everything out and into a new apartment...but alas this is not at all even possible. haha. this picture just cracks me up!
Scott's parents are coming to help us move...They are so great! I told this to my sister Brooke and she asked why she and the rest of my Farrow familia could not come help us move. Well I think proximity has a little something to do with that haha! But anyways...we are so grateful for family just a few hours away. Love them...and all ournieces and nephews, including this tough dude :) it's so fun being an aunt.
I had to work this morning so I hope they don't get here before I am off...I would hate to miss their initial arrival! & so now since I am a tad bit bored at work and they actually let me blog on Saturdays I am going to share a few tips on moving...not like I am any expert but here's a few things that I have found that really help in the process...

1. Baby Steps. You definitely have to break it down into smaller start early!

2. Needed packing supplies: boxes, packing tape, zip-loc bags, plastic tubs, scissors, plastic grocery bags for wrapping breakables, garbage bags, and a sharpie for marking things.

3. Ask around for anyone who has recently moved in and you can get boxes for free! Or I have even heard asking your local pharmacy for boxes because they are always getting shipments. Orrr just use saved boxes from your previous move like we did :)

4. You can utilize towels, big shirts and blankets for wrapping bigger breakables such as mirrors, picture frams or things that have small parts like a jewlery stand with it's jewlery still on it haha...just have to remember where you pack these kinds of things so you aren't smashing them or anything whilst moving.

5. Mark in a notebook where you packed certain items so you know exactally where everything is. I don't do this for everything...but it takes the stress off you of making 23487612 mental notes of trying to remember where the important things are that you use more frequently.

6. Garbage bags are really great for packing blankets and clothes like sweatshirts that take up a lot of space and much easier to cart around than big boxes.
7. Now before you leave the old house/apartment, make sure the power and such things are on at the new house. This way, you will really not be in the dark!

8. While you are packing...declutter! Get rid of things you haven't used in forever or don't want anymore and send em off to Good Will or DI. & also clean along the way so you aren't leaving a total mess and it doesn't become a huge chore after everything is out...when it really isn't your concern anymore.

9. Place paper plates between your dishes..they cushion them wonderfully & you can still use them afterwards!

10. Don't ever pack flammable items or illegal items for that matter haha. & don't pack candles without some sort of lid or covering in case they melt! This also goes for bathroom items like lotions and shampoos. I usually pack them in gallon sized ziploc bags so they don't leak...etc.

11. I found this website on how to pack, wrap and stash just about any household item. Wow. I guess if you were moving across country or something...that would come very much in handy!

That's all for now. Have a great weekend. Pics of our new place coming soon! :)

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Alyssa Brooke said...

you are so so so stinkin adorable/hilarious and i miss you and am so excited for you to come in august!! woo hoo! I love your blog posts they are so clever and funny funny always and share the cutest things and most fun websites and pictures and ideas. ok thats one more reason why i love you <3 u roo