Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Furniture Redo

Our clothes have been in piles all over our bedroom until now! We found a great dresser and nightstand on Craigslist and went to town sanding, priming, painting to get the finished product. 

Here are some before...

& during the process pics... 

Camden had just woken up from his afternoon nap & decided to join us!

It took multiple trips to Home Depot & a few returns to get the right paint color. We wanted something earthy but not something that would darken the room too much. In the end we chose this greyish blue..It'a actually called Dark Pewter from Behr! We love the matte finish & smooth grey color!

 Knobs were 50% off from Hobby Lobby & the handles were a unique size so we had to order them off Ebay!

I love how all the colors mesh together. Scott also put together our headboard from an old kitchen cabinet from the junk section at Ikea! Awesome huh! We painted that a darker blue color! 

This furniture redo was a lot of fun to do together and so worth all the effort. So glad we didn't settle for a boring dresser set from Target! Doing it this way was a lot cheaper, more fulfilling & even personalized. I love it! The room still needs a few finishing touches & we will be set!


The Todds said...

Looks so great guys! I'm inspired!

Holly Dart said...

I love the dental molding detail. And the hardware you chose looks SO good!

I bought a craigslist fixer-upper a year ago and I still havent done it! You guys are good!

Bonnie and Brian said...

Talk about HGTV put into action! I'm lovin' that.

Carly said...

Boy oh boy! You have been busy! All of these posts were so cute. I cannot believe Camden's surprised face. HILARIOUS. The city you live in reminds me a lot of mine and your furniture urned out SO WELL!

Maren Leavitt said...

Holy cow! Those look amazing! If ever I'm feeling ambitious enough, I might come after you for some more details.

The Pewter color is beautiful!
Good job lady!