Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Welcome December

This song is one of my very favorite Christmas songs!

Breath of Heaven
by Amy Grant

It tells the awe inspiring story of Mary's journey, carrying and bearing the Christ child. She asks Heaven to hold her together, lighten her darkness and be forever near her.

I heard a quote the other day that said...
"Christmas is not a date but a state of mind that should last all year round!"

I love it!

May we ever remember the significance of the birth of Jesus Christ
and the unending light and redeeming love that comes from Him.

I just love CHRISTmas time!


Carly said...

Yay for this song and the Christmas Spirit!

So you and Scott were in my dream last night. You were staying at our apartment on the way to someone else's house, but we were being chased by some bad guys so we were running through a ghetto neighborhood and your belly kept falling off so you had to keep suctioning it back on.

It was good to see you though. =)

Roper said...

Love this song! Let us know when you're in Kimberly so we can meet up!