Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Haunted Straw Maze

The group: Bridget & Jared, Scott & I, Tanner & Marissa!!!

We got some pretty good scares in...chain saws and all! Our hearts thumped the whole time with danger lurking at every turn. I hung on to Scott for dear life while even Scott got startled a few times. haha it was definitely not my idea to submit myself to almost peeing my pants....but it turned out really fun! We laughed a ton!

This guy was quite the creeper...He was warning Jared to stay off his straw bales & wanted to break our camera for taking pics of his face. haha. Good times at the Straw Maze!

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Ailinh Harris said...

omg, yeah whatta creeper! Im so proud of you for being so brave and going to the straw maze. you will never find me at any of those spooky places. haha