Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It is REALLY cold

This week has been the most frigid week of my life. no joke. Every morning on the way to school it has been like -10, -20!!!!!! this winter is going to be very white and windy. I want to be here where this picture was taken....in mexico on our honeymoon....speaking of which there are 11 days till our 1st anniversary! Go us! & 14 days till we will be in sunny California with the Farrow familia. But before that there are finals and Scott will be graduating & speaking at convocation & family will be here &......oh there is just so much to look forward to! One more week we can make it!!!!

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Urry Family said...

Brittany: No worries. It'll be sunny & 65-70'ish back in good ol' sunny Southern California when you & Scott come for Christmas. Congrats on Scott's graduation!

Mark Urry