Sunday, January 31, 2010

Scott's Birthday!!!

So I was super eager for Scott's Bday to be here....So much so that on Friday {his Bday wasn't until Saturday} when I got home from school I decided to put up some "decorations" to surprise him when he got home from work!

My decorations consisted of cheesy orange flower lights from my single days & a few scarves that I tied together to make some extra wintery Bday "garland" with.

& It just so happens that hanging scarves on/near light bulbs is no bueno. {Why did it have to be the white scarf!!!!?? Oh well I have still worn it twice since...& was easily able to hide the burn case you were wondering!}

So Scott came home and was super least I hope he was. haha sometimes I can get a little over dramatic about holidays & such. They are just so fun to take time away from real every day stuff and celebrate a little ya know?

Anyways, I didn't let him open anything just yet...he had to wait till his REAL Bday day.

The next day we began the morning with some honey bunches of oats & Scott received his gifts & read through his cards which made him both giggle and tear up a little...

& then we headed to the movies to see Sherlock Holmes! Scott got a free it's like we paid 4 dollars each to see it! Yeah! It was definitely a good one too!

The rest of Scott's Bday consisted of a temple trip, calls from family, ice cream with the Ropers...

and 4 inches of snow!

Here's to turning 24 years young. I love you baby!!


Roper said...

That picture looks even better on your blog! lol

Brian and Jaclyn said...

You are so cute! And I love your little felt, flower thingy. I need to be more crafty like you :)