Saturday, June 5, 2010

Fun Projects!

Before & After

Sooo I feel like I have almost forgotten how to blog it has been so long. School has really been busy for me lately. Here are some recent home decor projects we have been working on...

We decided to paint our table and chairs that we inherited from my parents when we got married...we have been wanting to paint these for the longest time and finally got around to it! This was the dining set I grew up with as a kid so I really like having it around for sentimental value and all. I really think it is quite charming....Scott needed a little WAS in pretty bad shape. After 10 hours of sanding and painting we think it looks 10 times better!

We love it!

We also made our first couch and love seat purchase! We love the style, color and how plush they are...and at 50% we couldn't beat the price!
They will be delivered on Wednesday! We can't wait!

These fun reversible placemats were my first completed project in my sewing class. The first day of class I was having trouble threading and putting in the bobbin.....a nosy onlooker said to me, "have you never sewn before or something?!" I was like..."RUDE!" but not really. I didn't actually say that I just said, "My mom always did that part for me, that's why I am in this class to learn all that k?!?!"
(but said without sarcasm lol)

Haha so needless to say I am pretty stoked about how they turned out. They were my first project I have completed start to finish without any help from my mommy...or mother in law :)

Another project I have been working on for my Advanced Visual Media class It is still in it's infancy. Just the first 2 links work BUT they do work! My self portrait and product redesign projects are posted. Go check em out. They have been a blast to work on! I really am liking how they turned out!

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