Saturday, June 5, 2010

Island Park Getaway

The cute little cabin we stayed in!

So excited!
How quaint!

Scott fixing the heater...the maintenance guy left us with a pair of pliers! haha.

Off to the dinner theater and then back for some snacks and games!

The drive was so breath taking...
It is awesome this beauty is just an hour away!

Scott planned the sweetest weekend getaway for just the two of us in Island Park for an early graduation present to me! :) We went to a dinner theater and stayed at Mack's Inn. It was so much fun! The play we saw was hilarious...It was called Robin Hood, A Tale of Rotting Ham! & the cabin we stayed in was just perfect. We stayed up late playing Scrabble & just had a great time together, getting out and away from it all! I love my husband. He is the best!


Derek & Brittany said...

Surprises are the best.That sounds like so much fun, what a nice hubby. I haven't been to a dinner theater in a long time, you may have inspired me.

Anonymous said...

That is SO CUTE!! What a SUPER fun weekend, eating candy and playing games!! I LOVE IT! Golden and I LOVE island park. My family stayed in a huge cabin there 2 years ago. it was so fun!

Carly Richardson said...

You two are still the cutest couple I know =)