Monday, June 21, 2010

Sew maybe

So it turns out sewing turns me into someone I do not like! I thought sewing was to supposed be a fun hobby! All i want to do is yell and scream! This pillow is so dumb! I don't think i will ever feel relief even when it is done! Maybe it is my sewing machine that i am always guessing at how it works...or the fact my fabric is so slip and slidey or maybe because needles and thread just don't like me! Maybe because the zipper alone took 2 1/2 hours and then when I sent to close the zipper shut the zipper broke! Or maybe because the pins are really sharp and poke my fingers or maybe because I kind of think it really will be pretty in the end but I don't feel like all this effort is worth it?! Or maybe because I am graded on my work. Maybe it's that because that takes all the fun out of it. Maybe because I am getting a little senioritisy and difficult. Maybe because I stopped my pillow project to blog about it and take pictures of it. Maybe it is just because I don't know how to sew a whole lot yet. Maybe because I am an amature. Maybe its because I don't even know how to spell amateur and I have to look it up every time I spell it. Yea maybe, but sew what? Crossing my fingers I can finish this project tonight with little to no more issues!

And......I did it!
Cute huh?!


Shanda and Stephen said...

I am taking a sewing class on campus, and I totally understand what you are saying! There have been so many times I wanted to know what my grade would be if I didn't do one of the projects because I kept messing up or something! Good Luck!

Farrow Insights said... the sounds of it I thought the pillow was going to look all squishy and lopsided. It looks great!!!! Way to go Senioritis girl!