Saturday, August 21, 2010

Getting to work!

Hanging up pics in our new apartement!

Wow, where to begin! This last month has been a fun one with new adventures and lots of firsts. Graduation, moving out of Rexburg, and oh, Our cruise was spendid in every way. A bit overwhelming at times with all the childrens but it was definetly fun to be with family and travel to beautiful places and eat great food and see fun shows! My dad took most of the photos so I am waiting to post very many pics till I get them from him!

Scott started his new job and is doing really great! He is really enjoying the people that he works with and is getting to know the company more and more each day. Hie mentor guy graduated from BYU so he has been able to relate with Scott and teach him good little tips here and there.
I have been relaxing, reading 5 books all at once and enjoying organizing and decorating our new little place! We love Brea and the people here are amazing! We really are enjoying getting to know our way around the area and just enjoying this new life that is ours! We feel like big kids now.

The first few days of living in Brea we didn't have any of our things except for what we packed for the cruise, food in coolers and Scott's work clothes that we made sure to pack so he cold start his first day in style :] haha. So we took a picture to remember. I am so proud of my hubby for working so hard and being such a great example all the time to me! I love him sooo much!

Scott's first day of work! (I felt like such a mom taking this pic. haha! But I had to do it!)

This Avery commercial is definitely worth watching! haha. Pretty hilarious! Go AVERY!

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Farrow Insights said...

Wow....Avery is sort of a copy cat, but the post it notes never do stay on for long. I am sold....where are my full on posty notes!!!

p.s. I am talking about commercial!!!