Thursday, August 19, 2010

Rafting Trip

The whole gang!

In our gear getting ready to go...

Trying to get back into the raft haha!

Remember when Brooke was the captain of the raft and guided us through the rapids at the front of the helm? haha. Brooke was/is hilarious!

We had the funnest time with family getting out on the river and rafting before we headed out of Idaho! We saw tons of bald eagles and the water was fun to float in! Next year we will have to do the legit rapids. Brinley was too little this year! Lots of good times in the beautiful, summery outdoors.

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Ailinh Harris said...

Brittany! It seems like you guys got to CA okay. I've been thinking about ya and hope all is well so far. Let me know how the job dealio goes. :)