Friday, September 3, 2010

Our Little Home

I can't believe we have lived in Brea for almost a month now! The best thing about Brea is the friendly people we have met! {like seriously so nice} and for the variety of restaurants, shopping, and things to do here. Coming from Rexburg it is like....WHOA! I love it. Any kind of food you feel like, they have it! & food is not as expensive as some places because there is more the sushi! Yum so good! There is this really great Mediterranean place called the Olive Pit & we got a $50 gift certificate from for just $8 to go to this French cuisine place...I'm excited to try that for one {or 2} of our date nights! We found this Mexican place called Pepe's that is close to Ramierez in taste but so not as good....Come on!!! Isn't California supposed to have better California Burritos than Idaho? They gave us this California sauce...It was ketchup with red pepper flakes?! haha! We will keep looking. Anyways....we also love Brea because is it so close to friends and family that we haven't, well at least I haven't, been close to in 3 years! It has been so fun to be a Californian again! haha! Oh and we found a dollar theater in Santa Ana! YESSSS!

Some things we will have to get used like how many people live here. There are always so so many cars on the freeway. It is amazing! I never paid attention to this before but now that I have lived in Idaho I can tell a huge difference! Also, the freeways are crazy. When you go somewhere half an hour away you go on at least 5 different freeways just to get there. I miss driving fast tho...that has been fun! haha. Fast as in obeying the speed limit. CA's speed limits seem a little higher than Idaho's! We will also have to get used to not talking on our cell phones while driving. We are doing fine so far but it is easy to forget!

Yay! So our little place is starting to look so cute and make us feel so much more settled in! Hanging pics on the walls is an art form. It helps to put up paper or newspaper the same size as the frames but I am too scared to do it ALL by myself and I did not want to ruin our toast warm penny wheat brown wall so finally WE got around to doing it and I just love it can you tell!

The final product! Swooon! I made those quote thingys one day in Illustrator...I think they turned out really cute along with pics of our fam and from our wedding! One of the quotes is a family motto of sorts, a quote from President Hinckley & one that says Olsen Family Est. December 19, 2008! :)

This is our bedroom of course!

& our Ikea decked out entertainment center and wall! I have so been wanting to find one of those fancy dancy crazy cool frames....Ikea is the best! & the frame is totally a fun prop for portraits! :)

Then comes the kitchen nook. Our apartment has nice brand new carpet and laminate flooring which has been really nice...but ya know, still has popcorn ceilings in most of the rooms! haha. It's great!

Our HUGE backyard ;) haha. Needs a little work...but 5 year old Brinley doesn't think it is very big! QUOTE: "This isn't HUGE this is tiny! Wow, you guys are losers!" Gee thanks!

So excited to have the walls decorated. Feels so much more like home!

I didn't feel like posting ALL the pics here so for a more detailed HERE please!

& because we enlisted the help of to find our apartment they sent us a $100 visa gift card in the mail yesterday! Yay for moving. We are going to be using them every time now, seriously!


Marissa said...

no way!!! We signed a lease with too....and got a $100 Visa card!! Its sweet. I love your the walls in your apartment, way cute!

Roper said...

Driving pretty much anywhere other than Idaho is a big change- you actually have to pay attention cuz there's other cars around- don't worry I'm still getting the hang of it too.

Ailinh Harris said...

Isn't it so crazy how much we notice the outside world when we're not in Idaho anymore?? haha your apartment is adorable by the way! I loved what you did to it.

The Todds said...

BRITTANY! I found you :) Wanna know something really funny--we have that SAME bedroom comforter set! (We just got a new one cuz we're changing our room a bit..but how funny is that?!) I'm glad I have your blog address now and can keep tabs on you guys. It was fun talking to you last Sunday :)