Friday, December 10, 2010

Date Nights at Disneyland

The last few months we have been using our annual passes to Disneyland a few times a week after Scott gets off work! It has been a lot of fun to just ride a few rides each time or walk around and just enjoy the atmosphere. Last night was crazy busy and we were about to roll some heads there were so many 1 mph baby strollers and stop-in-the-middle-of-the-road-picture-takers blocking our path I couldn't believe was all making me pretty dizzy and a bit frustrated...but all in all it was tons of fun! We got to ride the Storybook Land ride and Finding Nemo, munch on a churro and watch fireworks! A pretty successful mid-week date night I would say!

Here's some proof at how crowded it was just walking from one part of the park to the next....ughh not too fun! Just think how packed the next 2 weeks will be!!

I'm glad we have gotten to go twice this Christmas season and see the parade and especially the holiday fireworks show. It is phenomenal! They could stop at this one really great part but NO they just keep the fireworks really is magical. They also blow out fake snow at the end which is really just little clumps of bubbles falling from the sky. I remember as a kid thinking that was soooo cool! Now I just try to avoid getting it in my hair haha! But seeing all the excited kid's faces and all the families enjoying the excitement gets me really excited for when I get to do that with my kiddos someday!

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