Saturday, December 4, 2010

Hey baby

I was looking at pictures of my sweet husband when he was just a youngin, and then I found some pictures of me when i was just a wee baby & It looks as though we will be sure to have adorable, happy children with awesome hair. haha! I'm so excited!!!

Weren't we such cute little angels??

We are getting so anxious to find out what gender our little Newton will be. {My family nicknamed our babe Newton because I told them lil babe was the size of a fig at the time. Go figure!} Only a few more weeks and we will be able to tell what our, now lime sized, baby will be. I just hope I can wait that longggg!

I have felt like we are going to be having a boy for some reason. I even woke up in the middle of the night with the name "Gabe" popping into my head a few nights ago! I actually sat up in bed & it sounded good to me at the time. When I woke up in the morning I was like, "Hmm yeah, wow that was weird! Really cute name but I don't think it will be the name." I have also been having some crazy weird pregnancy dreams but when do I not have crazy weird dreams??! My brain just never turns off...yea that must be it.

Oh and I also had another dream where my Dad decided on the name for our baby, Bronson. & Scott was okay with it and I was freaking out because I wanted to choose our baby's name! haha.

Anyways....Scott thinks our babe is a boy too so we will see! We both might be totally off. I have always pictured having a girl first...but whatever it is we are so excited to find out!

Here's another belly pic from last week...week 11. Week 12 (3 months!) I still look pretty much the same. I love having a baby bump even if that bump is a tiny little baby one right now :) You would think I would be bigger with all the food that I eat though. haha!

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Derek & Brittany said...

Aw you had the cutest honey blond hair when you were little. I like Scott's football baby pic. Sounds exciting waiting to see what your fig newton is haha can't wait for the update.