Monday, December 20, 2010

Introducing my very favorite holiday drink...

Russian Refresher

I have always loved hot apply cider and hot citrus drinks & this mix recipe just makes it 110% times easier to make a huge lovely batch that will last all winter (or so) long! I first tried this drink at my in-laws when we were first married and I fell in love...Oh and I just received some mix as a gift from my friend Aubrey and have to say, what a treat! Thanks Aubrey! Make some today! It is super easy and a fun change from hot chocolate and tastes healthier to me too! It smells heavenly as well! You can't go wrong mixing up some of this fabulous drink mix!

Russian Refresher Mix

2 cups powdered orange drink mix (Tang)
1 pkg (3 oz) presweetened powdered lemonade mix*
1 1/3 cup sugar
1/2 tsp. ground cloves
1 tsp. ground cinnamon
1 dash or so of nutmeg

*If you buy a larger container of lemonade mix and just measure out 3 ounces it is a lot easier and then you still have most of the container left for making plain lemonade!

Directions: Combine all ingredients in a medium bowl. Mix well. Put in a 1-quart container. Label as Russian Refresher Mix and store in a cool, dry place. Use within 6 months. Makes about 3 1/2 cups of mix.

To make Drink:
Add 2 to 3 teaspoons of RUSSIAN REFRESHER MIX to a mug of hot water.
Stir to dissolve.
Makes 1 serving.

I hope this brings some extra warmth to you this very special holiday season!
I can't believe Christmas is in just 5 days!!!!!!

"Christmas is not as much about opening our presents as opening out hearts." -Janice Maeditere

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Jake and Kara said...

I'm going to make this! Cider is my favorite. Thanks for sharing!