Thursday, February 10, 2011

True Love

Love is a verb.

Love is something more than feelings of the heart.

It is a covenant we keep with soul and mind.

It is a deep and sincere, unselfish care for another.

A true love is a genuine expressions of our divine potential...

During this month of LOVE I have been thinking more about what it truly is to truly love another person unconditionally and unselfishly with all your heart and might. I love my husband but how can I better cultivate and develop that love so that it continues to grow and lasts forever?

Many popular songs and movies make reference to loving forever or to an everlasting love but to me these words are simply poetic and lack meaning. To what source do we look? Well what better love to learn from than the Savior's love for us. A true God like love.

I read an article by Lynn G. Robbins called, "Agency and Love in Marriage" (Ensign, Oct. 2000, 16) which broke down each Christlike attribute as found in 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 . I love how it explains and defines each loving attribute and helps us to measure how we are doing in our marriage (or future marriage).

These are things that can help make our love grow and last!

A Christlike love suffereth long...
Is patient and tolerant, does not criticize.
Recognizes that the other is progressing, is patient with imperfections.

Is kind...
Is nice, thoughtful, interested in others.
Is a Good Samaritan, comforts, is merciful.

Envieth not...
Is content, grateful for blessings.
Rejoices in another’s gifts, talents, success.
Is generous and offers help to those in need.
Lives frugally.
Knows the difference between needs and wants, avoids unnecessary debt.

Is not puffed up...

Is humble, meek, teachable.
Does not speak vainly or seek attention.
Happily serves wherever called.
Lifts, praises, builds others up.
Seeks the will of God.

Doth not behave itself unseemly...
Is courteous, well mannered, tactful, tasteful, reverent, respectful, mindful of others.
Is clean, neat, orderly.

Seeketh not her own...
Is tender-hearted, sensitive, compassionate, merciful, generous.
Seeks unity, kneels together in prayer, listens with empathy, avoids contention.
Thinks “we” and “ours.”
Is approachable.
Seeks to please God.

Is not easily provoked...
Is forgiving, patient, calm, gentle, respectful.
Understands that anger is a decision and can be controlled.
Is a peacemaker.

Thinketh no evil...
Is nonjudgmental, respectful, helpful, pure, obedient.
Has “no more disposition to do evil”
Is modest in dress, thought, speech.
Virtue garnishes thoughts unceasingly.

Rejoiceth not in iniquity, but rejoiceth in the truth...
Stays close to the Spirit through regular scripture study, prayer, obedience.
Has discovered that truth leads to joy and happiness.

Beareth all things...
Has moral courage, is bold in truth.
Turns the other cheek, is calm. (This does not mean that abuse victims should silently bear cruelty, or follow a spouse disobedient to God.)

Believeth all things...
Clearly sees the eternal potential of spouse and forever families.
Sees others as children of God.
Holds fast to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Hopeth all things...
Is an optimist.
Looks for the best.
Praises, builds up, expresses affection.
Continues courting spouse.

Endureth all things...
Doesn’t complain or murmur.
Is responsible and gladly accepts callings.
Sees growth in adversity.
Has a desire to learn and progress.
Is steadfast, knows life is a test.

Charity never faileth...
Loves as Christ loves us.
Is supportive.

Happy Love Month

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