Sunday, June 5, 2011

Waiting on the world to change...

So since we are still waiting around for this little guy to get here I guess I will post some more. Here are pics from the lovely shower all my favorite ladies put on for me. It was a perfect lunch outing at the Elephant Bar in Rancho Bernardo! It was fun to have so much family in town & great friends so share the time with.

The next time we go down to my parent's we will probably have a child in tow. So crazy to think baby C could come any time now! Every time I call my mom she thinks I am calling to tell her that I'm going into does Brinley. Haha. 

We just can't wait for this baby to get here! 10 more days! 
(But I wouldn't mind him coming tonight ;)

Sister friends.

" simple even a child can operate."

Yummmy chicken salad.

All dee partiers.

Opening presents...

The cake that turned everyone's mouths super dark blue. Whoops! Haha.

Love our faces. Something must have been really funny!

My baby Camden inscribed necklace that made me crrrry like a little baby. Thanks aunt Kelee! I soo love it!

I just get so emotional seeing his little name written out. It's like I'm really going to be a momma soon or something?! I guess it is STILL so hard to believe how much our world is going to be changing soon. Come on baby C! Everyone's waiting for youuuu. 

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EmilyT said...

aww that necklace IS so cute! im so excited for you! good luck on baby getting here any day now!! i'll be looking for the update on your blog! your gonna be SUCH a cute, fun mama!