Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Time for a Nap

This is what we do somewhere between 1 and 3 PM everyday but today was an especially exhausting day... 

Started out with a lovely walk in the park with Anna then a drive to Fullerton to pick up Camden's birth certificate. I get lost on the way due to my dumb gps. Takes longer than I thought SO have to feed him in the car on the side of an inconspicuous street...and change his diapy. Then had to find a bank close by to get cash because I forgot to do that before I left. Baby is screaming in the backseat, radio static is not working this time. The only music that did work was some some dumb rap music. Didn't want my baby's ears listening to that crrrrap! Feeling helpless and like I want to cry.

Feed him again in random Von's parking lot in front of US Bank. Call the OC Registrar's office, lady gives wonderful directions, get there then have to parallel park, take out stroller, put car seat on top, stroll into the place & after an hour and a half of all takes 5 short minutes to walk in and out the door with his birth certificate. True Story.

Haha oh well. At least we got to get out of the house and had a fun drive discovering new places & now Camden's birth is officially officialized (that is not a word) on paper. This all called for a trip through a fast food joint's drive thru to get some grub. I pretty much never eat fast food but now I'm pretty sure fast food AND drive thru's were invented for moms out running errands. Carl's Jr. is the first place I come to so I bought an overpriced combo meal and scarfed it down while driving before I even made it home. 

Finally we get home, lug in all our baby stuffs, and take. a. nap! Whew! What a day! Now I am feeding the babe once again, smiling at his cute little smiley faces, blogging and waiting for daddy to get home all at the same time!

Today I am reminded of this quote.....

"If we can't see the funny side of life, we are going to miss two thirds of what this is all about!" {Gordon B. Hinckley}

Off to change another diaper! See ya! 


The Todds said...

What a day! But at least you got a really sweet picture out of it, right?

Bonnie and Brian said...

oh boy, power to ya. Glad you got a nap! Yeah, I'm still trying to figure out ways to make easy grab-n-go lunches that aren't totally snacky or non-nutritious, but keeps us from going to the fast food. You're right though, fast food is ingenious for times when you don't expect to be out so long or are sick of taking forever to pack a lunch to get out the door. thanks for sharing your day; sharing the good and bad helps me connect with other moms and makes me realize that stuff like this is ok and normal but you can get through it.