Friday, November 11, 2011

Visit to Twin

Camden loved his first plane ride to Twin Falls, Idaho. 
He was smiling the whole time and even took a solid nap! 

First time at Grandma's house! Exploring the new addition.

Just hanging out with Aunt Jess! 

 So glad we were able to visit Mrs. Harvey. We all had tears in our eyes as she loved on baby Cam and said how she couldn't believe she got to meet Scott's baby. It was a really beautiful moment.

She is such a sweet lady. Crazy to think this might be the last time we see her. 

One night we made Homemade Twixx! So fun!

Check out that carmel and adorable apron! 

MMM They turned out super yummy!

The finished product!

Getting sushi with Grandma and Grandpa...

& visiting Jess at Kiwi L! 

Frozen Yogurt is oh so good!

We had such a fun time visiting! It was so sad to leave! The road trip home from Vegas took 2 hours more than it should due to Mr. Camden. He does not like riding in the car for very long. I don't blame him! But we made it home safe and sound. 

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Aubrey said...

OHH! that makes me home-sick! Its been forever since we have been home! Did you know our family friends own that kiwi-loco!? small world!