Thursday, April 12, 2012

Green Breakfasts

Things are looking a little more green around here.

In the quest to eat the best we can it has been my goal to incorporate more fruits, veggies, & whole grains as well as decrease bad sugars, salts and fats from our diets. This means rethinking a lot of our food choices and venturing out to try new things. I figure now is the best time to start these good habits & there is nothing more satisfying than knowing what your eating tastes amazing and is good for you! 

I'm not saying every meal I plan is going to be sugar or fat free for us, but taking baby steps in the right direction, day by day, I think will make a big difference & it's not like we eat terrible in the first place.

I just gotta say though, since I been drinking more green smoothies for breakfast and snacking more healthy I have already noticed a humongous difference in my energy levels, feel fuller longer and don't go to bed feeling bloated and blah! The benefits of this breakfast drink last all day! The thing I love most about green smoothies is you are eating tons of raw fruits and veggies without ranch dressing or sugary additives and you can't even really is all blended together into a dessert like treat. I just love them! 

If you haven't tried one of these green spinachy smoothies you MUST. Come on, put it to the test. I promise after the first sip you will be converted. Try reading this guide for the green smoothie 101. 

Anyways, This post is supposed to be about the 5 minute green breakfast {microwave} muffin. I came upon this recipe while looking for other fast & healthy lil meals to whip up for breakfast...since ya know, breakfast is just about the most important meal of the day :) 

These muffins really are as yummy & tasty as they are healthy & easy to make. 

PLUS my lil guy loves them! Even if he thinks he is done with eating, done sitting in his high chair and wearing that bib around his neck...Once I sprinkle a few bits of this muffin on his tray he is all over it! Gives me a few extra minutes to enjoy breakfast too! Lots of pluses here! 

5 Minute Green {Microwave} Muffin
adapted from here & here

1 egg
2 TB milk (I used coconut milk)
1 TB vanilla
1 C spinach
1 banana
1/3 C frozen peaches (strawberries work great too!)

2 TB whole wheat flour or coconut flour
2 TB coconut finely shredded 
1 TB chia seeds or ground flax
2 TB oats
1/2 tsp baking soda

Easy Peasy Directions:
1. Blend egg, milk, vanilla, spinach, banana and frozen fruit in a blender. 

Make sure it's all nice and smooth in there...

2. Next mix your dry ingredients in a bowl, once combined add your wet ingredients on top & mix.

3. Then take a larger sized hot cocoa mug (or two small mugs) and spray the inside with cooking spray & pour your batter right in.

4. Next step/favorite step. Place mug in microwave for 4-5 minutes! 

5. It's done! Plop on a plate and make it all pretty with some tahini or peanut butter, coconut flakes and fresh berries...or just scarf it down as is, as fast as you can! 

Did you know eating a well balanced breakfast...

-Helps boost your metabolism
-Gives you the needed energy to start your day, avoiding that fatigue-ness by lunch
-Less likely to crave "unhealthy" foods to snack on to curb those hunger pains
-Helps you think and focus better

All pretty important things I think. Especially the part about the avoiding fatigue-ness. I MUST have energy to keep up with this little one....

Happy green eating!


Carly said...

Good for you! What a great recipe. I'll give it a whirl. And have you ever heard of King Arthur's Whole White Wheat? If you haven't it is the best. It is 100% a whole grain, it's just lighter so you can bake with it and it isn't so heavy. It also doesn't have that grainy whole-wheat flavor. You won't even know you made the switch.

Cait said...

I am intrigued by said green muffin. I have been sneaking spinach into my kid's smoothies, but will have to give this one a go! Plus you can't beat baking something in the microwave, really?

The Todds said...

Just made a green smoothie and oh my goodness, it's so good! I never knew veggies could taste so yummy! Maybe I'll even try this muffin! Anything that makes me happily eat more veggies has my full respect!