Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Camden at 12 Months...

20.14 lbs (22%)
30 inches (49%)
49 cm head circ. (97%)

Every day my heart bursts with so much love and joy for being a mother...not just for being a mother but Camden's mother. He is just so perfect....I'm sure I will feel this way with all my children but who could ask for a more lovable little boy? I knew I would love being a mother but I never knew to what extent. The love I have for Camden is indescribable. I would do anything for him. I'm so proud to be his mom. 

I didn't think I would be but I was pretty emotional about Camden turning a year old. The whole month before his birthday I just wanted to cry every time I rocked him to sleep....trying to soak up those last little moments of him being 11 months. At Camden's lil birthday party I even got a little chocked up when we started singing happy birthday to him...my 1 year old CHILD. I look back at his baby pictures and see how big he is now and am filled with a flood of emotions. Is he really in his 2nd year already!? It is amazing to watch him grow and learn new things. He is getting so smart and more fun and cuter every day! Being a parent is a blast! I can't imagine life any other way. 

I love...

the way my sweet boy plays peekaboo from under his towel after every bath & I love the big bear hugs he gives us so freely. He is such a lover. I love the way he looks up to the sky when we say airplane and how he makes a little meow/squeaking sound when we ask him what a kitty says. I love how when we ask him a question you can see the wheels turning in his mind like he totally understands what we are talking about. I love when he makes a smacking sound with his  lips and copies us when we do it. I love when something is funny to him and we do it over and over again as much as possible so we can hear that cute laugh of his. I love that he is totally weaned but still shows me that he loves and needs me very much. I love that he is such a good lil eater & finally finally sleeping all the way through the night. I love how much he loves his daddy. I how how he points to things and tries to tell me exactly what he wants. I love how he turns his lil bike with his pivot foot, zooming around in his little route around the house. I love how he takes 5 to 10 steps at a time then decides to crawl again. I love those two chunky teeth of his and the one on the top on it's way down. I love how he sweetly hums while we sing to him or even during the hymns in church like he wants to sing right along too. 

Most of all I love that he is ours.

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Steve and Stephanie said...

I have felt the exact same way this past week or so, prepping for his party, small moments like that make me emotional!!! Julia said she is feeling the same too :) Yay for our babies growing up strong and healthy!