Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Dear Baby Girl, Please Come Soon

Today I am 39 Weeks and 2 days pregnant. This pregnancy has been a very blessed one from the beginning. I have felt so much hope and peace within me the whole way through and many tender mercies along the way. I felt it hard to complain much because I have felt so overwhelmed with God's love as he has blessed us with the opportunity to carry this baby. This year has definitely been a different journey from all the rest & I am so thankful for the growth and stretching that have come from the things the Lord has placed in my path. It has given me a greater perspective about what this life is about and how we need to stop and recognize how blessed we truly are. So so thankful both the baby and I have been so healthy and that I am able to carry her till full term...even if this last week of pregnancy has felt like the longest week of my life, I know there is a light at the end of the tunnel and the joy that I will feel when she is finally here will be so all worth it.

Since I haven't given too many pregnancy blog updates this time around....In short, here are some hi/low-lights from baby girls's pregnancy: The first trimester was a stretching one as we moved into our new home and I was still feeling nauseous and so exhausted all the time. The second trimester, I had regained my energy and we were able to take a trip to the beach and to Williamsburg, VA as a family, found out we were having a girl & excitedly started getting her nursery all together. The second trimester flew by. Then as the third trimester came my belly was so so itchy all the time and heartburn was the worst....not to mention all the pelvic pain and pressure I felt. Thank goodness for Vitamin E oil, lavender essential oil, my snoogle pregnancy pillow, belly band for support and Zantac for my heartburn. So amazing though to feel baby move and watch the belly show every night :) I felt her move a few weeks earlier at 12 weeks, than I did with Camden at 18 weeks. That was pretty neat. Anytime I have worried about how she was doing the Lord has let me feel her move within me and that has been a tender mercy to calm this mama's worries.

Then this last month has been one of strength and clarity as I have felt my Heavenly Father preparing me for something bigger than myself. I also felt like my body has just gotten used to being pregnant and adapted to all the strains and pressures or something...so I have felt lots better this last little while than I did a month or so ago! Ha! Just extremely tired by the end of the day & having to get up to go to the bathroom alllll theeeee time! :) The perks!

It really is such a privilege to carry this baby & I am so thankful to the Lord for entrusting her to us. It seems still surreal that we will have another little babe in our home but I just can't wait. Being a mother is the most wonderful thing and there is nothing more amazing than holding a brand new baby in your arms, knowing they just came from Heaven. It is a little crazy to feel and experience all that takes for a baby to get here but so amazing.

We love this little baby girl so much already and are so grateful she will soon be in our family....the anticipation is just about doing me in but I keep praying for patience and endurance. It has been so much fun making baby girl things. Whenever I start feeling anxious I make another bow or flower hair clip! :) Scott just loves it! HA!

My last appointment is Thursday of this week and we will see if I am dilated more than a finger tip from last week's appointment. Hoping I am dilated some more so that if I do go over, being induced would be a possibility. I didn't want to think about being induced this time around but because my Mom already bought her plane ticket and baby is taking her sweet time, I think we might just have to take that route....but we still have time so we shall see!

So yes...we are still just sitting, waiting, praying & wishing for this baby to get here, yet trying to soak in these last moments with Camden as our only child and the "calm" before a busy newborn gets here. I've been having Braxton Hicks contractions like crazy on and off for the last 2-3 weeks but nothing really lasting or sticking yet! Some days I just wish my water would break so that I know it is time!

Our friends out here have been the biggest support, throwing darling baby showers and offering so much help. My hubs has really been the most amazing guy ever, helping get everything around our house ready for this baby girl and helping with our busy Camden when I couldn't wrestle or tackle him any more haha...He would always ask, "Tackle me Mom!" & I would just laugh with my huge belly and say, "When your Dad gets home!"

Camden has grown up so much the last few weeks, speaking in these long sentences and soaking up whatever we say. The other day he said, "Sorry Mom. It's my fault." I was like...how do you know what that means?! :) He is doing so well wearing his glasses, loves playing with friends, playing basketball & baseball around the house, going places like the zoo or the park, and rough housing with his Daddy. He is going to be the best big brother. He always loves on babies and wants to hold them. I know he will have his moments but I hope he is mostly going to be the sweetest. Can't wait for my babies to be together. I got a little teary eyed the other day thinking about how they will always have each other. Siblings are the bestest friends anyone can have!

I have such a special bond with my only brother and am so thankful for him in my life. He is currently serving a mission for our church in Mexico and in his last letter to me he sent me these sweet verses form John 16:20-22, 32-33 to read that really came at a perfect time. They comforted my heart to know I am never alone and that I will find joy in deliverance after all this "turmoil and sorrow"! I encourage anyone expecting soon to read it!

My Mom said my bro Blake also sent baby Emery a little Mexican dress in his last package home and I can't wait to see it & have her wear it! We got to Skype with Blake over Christmas and that was the best! Love him and so proud of his example!

Soo...my mom and baby sister Brinley get in Friday. I have been on the countdown to their arrival since I knew for sure I could count on them coming on the day they were "due." Baby Emery, not so much :) Can't wait for my mama's help. I miss & love her so much. Well....I feel like there is so much left to say about how wonderfully exciting and awesome this time in our lives is...oh the anticipation, but alas that is all for today's thoughts! Next post should hopefully be: Baby is here!!!


Summer Naylor said...

Oh the waiting game! I totally understand. You look adorable. Good luck with delivery!

Roper said...

So excited for you--girls are so fun!!