Saturday, September 26, 2009

My Twentieth

I had such a fantastic 20th birthday!! For some reason I have been so excited for this one....The last few weeeks I have been randomly telling people my birthday is coming soon..just like a 5 year old. Every time I let it out I felt so silly...but what can you do when a birthday only comes around once a year! haha..I guess just because turning 19 was not exciting at all and turning 20 means you are no longer a teenager just makes it that much more exciting! Not to mention how Scott is excited he can finally tell people my age without any comments about how he married a teenager....but come knows no bounds!

SO on to my fantastic birthday day. It began with a... "happy birthday and good morning" from my husband. I woke up all sleepy eyed and then remembered why he was saying that and immediately I got super excited to wake up because I realized it was September 26! (Oh and Mom, happy anniversary of being a mom for 20 years yayy) Bacon, eggs and german pancake breakfast with the help of my love were on the menu for bfast....and then came opening presents from my family that were mailed earlier this week. The presents continually tempted me with their cute bubbly polka dot wrapping paper all week but I keep strong and didn't open them till my bday morning.

I of course both cried and laughed when I read the card. Everyone wrote something...even Brinley in thick purple marker! "Love you, Happy Birthday <3 Brinley" So sweet!

Then I got ready for work and we both headed to campus for a few hours. When I first found out I had to work on my birthday I thought to myself," Oh I have to get that off!" But then I thought some more and realized I can go to work on my bday. haha! Afterwards we went to SNOASIS to a nice little treat and found out it was the last day of the year to get some!!! So sad...but I'm glad we made it one more time before it is gone till next year. I personally think they should stay in business all year round!!

Since we were close to the cheap theaters we decided to see what was playing. The Proposal was playing and basically we laughed our heads off for the next 2 hours! Such a cute and funny movie. Perfect to go see on your birthday {k minus 2 unnecessary parts...but you know} I realized I am turning into my mother at the movie theaters because I laugh really loud and suddenly that I nearly turn heads....but it's all good. I make my husband laugh and smile at me so that's all that matters. I love sitting next to my mom at the movies...she is sometimes more fun to watch than the movie!

We got free refills on our popcorn and drink....3 to be exact and didn't feel too swell afterward so we decided to go home for a little while and when we did I hear Scott rummaging around in our room...I tried to go back there and he shuts the door {nicely} saying not to come back....apparently I am not supposed to know what is going on.

He comes out about a 1/2 hour later with this sweet craft, personally and lovingly made with care. BO + SO cut out of my scrapbook paper haha oh my goodness I loved it. Inside were so many sweet heart felt birthday words I nearly burst out in tears. There were also a list of 20 things that he promises to do for me 20 times each! I have the sweetest most thoughtful husband who made me feel like such a princess today. When he saw me take the picture of the card he made...he said, "You're not going to blog about this are you?!" haha.

He then whipped out his guitar and played me some sexy tunes that got my heart pitter pattering! I love when he plays for me and writes me sweet songs and when he looks into my eyes when he sings. I just get all butterfly-y inside!
We decided to check the mail and found birthday cards from both grandparents! How awesome are they! Thank you so much Nanny & Bompa and G&G Moon. We loved the picture of me when I was probably 3 years old in from of my grandparents house wearing a huge black wig. haha. We also got a gift certificate to Applebees where we had already decided to go out for dinner! How did you know we were going there???! haha. We both have such great grandparents who always make sure to send us their love and support. Thanks again!!!

After a yummy dinner at Applebees we drove by the temple and talked about our future plans and laughed about old times. I am so incredibly lucky to have such a wonderfully awesome and amazing husband who works so hard at all he does and takes such good care of me. I love being married to my best friend. I just love him more and more every passing day!

Thanks SO much to everyone else for the sweet birthday wishes sent my way! I really appreciated them and felt so loved! Also thanks to the amazing mom olsen, jess and shelly for treating me to such a fun filled weekend...last weekend filled with much early birthday love! Our family sure takes good care of us! & We just love being so close to Scott's family. There really isn't anything more important than family.

Well my love just asked me if I was writing a book over here so I guess this is where I draw the line. haha! We are just waiting for our laundry to be done in the next door laundromat. Note to selves: Don't start laundry so late. haha but I plan on writing some longer posts so I can actually document more of our daily lives! Since we have been married I have been the worst journal writer except for what I post on here. Anyways, night everyone! Here's to many more fantastic bdays! Hope you all had a fantastic weekend!


Shar said...

happy birthday! I think the twenties are the best - so much fun!

chellyyy said...

happy birthday LOVE hope it was WONDERFUL! your 20 now. no longerrr a teenager golly it's been some time.

Shelly and Bryce Stanger said...

Happy Birthday Brit!! So you do have a sweet husband!! His gift made me laugh & tear at the same time!! Remember the little things always. They are the best!! Love, Shelly

Melody said...

Yea! Happy Birthday! :) I was excited for my 20th also. Just wait until next year when everyone makes jokes about your drinking. lol

Fake Cakes For Goodness Sakes said...

I love your long blogs!!! So glad your day was a special one. Enjoy your Birthdays while you can. At one point you will either forget your age, or not want to be reminded.

Joanna and Eric said...

You are too cute. I am glad you had a fantastic birthday! Turning 20 was so weird for me. I felt so old haha! I think my husband felt the same way Scott does though cause I finally wasn't a teenager :) Too funny. Well, I hope you are doing great!

Sean and Abby said...

happy way belated birthday Britt! you look so cute...