Friday, February 20, 2009


So I know you have always wanted to see something like this...thankfully I have created it for your viewing pleasure!!! I had to design a montage in my visual media class....and this is what I came up with....basically awesome right? haha. All this photoshop and illustrater stuff is hard to learn but it is totally fun to play around with.(I have also been having dreams about what fonts to choose in projects...In my dream my life depends on the fonts that I choose...this skinny font or this fat and chunky font...and I am doomed if I don't choose the right one. I wake up in the morning so releived it was only a dream! whew!)

haha I am currently taking an intro to advertsing class at the same time which has been a struggle/challenge cuz both classes are project based...which is fun but really time consuming....this is also why I have not been too good about blogging very regularly about the important updates in our lives..I feel like I blog about just whatever. But hey that is a different story. & now just yesterday I was playing around with what classes I wanted to take in the future and I am thinking of changing my minor to organizational communications...which has more to do with group dynamics, conflict management and human resources which is the totally the other side of the spectrum from design and advertising but I guess it all kinda goes together in the end. We will see what happens...for now...I am going to enjoy the projects I have LEFT to desgin! (Stay tuned for more to be posted...if your lucky & if I have the time to!!!!!! AHHH)

P.S. Check this out....Ryan Southwell, our wedding videographer is using some of our wedding video for a promotion they are doing :) sweeeeet

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Alyssa Brooke said...

SO cool!!! You're going to be giving me photoshop lessons. some of this looks familiar hahah <3 u