Friday, February 20, 2009

Bring it on Sand Man

So I have been having the wierdest dreams ever since we have been married! I was talking to my friend Chelsea and this same thing is happening to her too!!!! They have been so constant and is almost annoying..and I haven't been sleeping the very best. Every night I try to think about what I want to dream about but that doesn't really work and I end up dreaming whatever has been on my mind the previous awaiting the arrival of our new little sweet niece, Avery, I was thinking about my sister-in-law Bonnie all day yesterday and there have been so many babies being born in our ward I dreamed that Scott and I had a baby of our own. But wait, it got weirder....we named him Warren Peace Olsen, & he had super blonde blonde hair, and was the size of a medium sized spaghetti squash (haha I couldn't think of anything else to compare his size to...but he was tiny tiny like a small baby doll..haha maybe that is a better description), and we had him within one day of even "knowing we were pregnant" so I had to do a whole bunch of catch up research to know what to do about taking care of him. As a side is ALSO crazy that being pregnant is even an option now a days and I have definitely decided that I am not baby hungry because I HAVE to finish school so I can have an education behind me and to help me be the best future mom I can be....and that right now I am totally content, spending lots of time with my hubby and getting to know each other better...(I just wanted to get all that out there) So seriously my dreams are off the hook & I don't know what I am going to be dreaming of next. They are getting more pleasant though....cuz before they were nightmares and people were dying and all that. no bueno. I pray that every time Scott and I say goodnight and sweet dreams....that I really will be dreaming sweet! So as long as they are good dreams that make me laugh and not BAD ones...I'll take em. Bring it on Sand Man!!! Hit me with your best shot!

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