Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Look it's me checking out books to a fellow BYU-I student!!....WELL this would be me if lived in the 1950's or 40's! I found these pictures today through the digital collections of the David O McKay Library while at work today & WOW can't believe it still looks a lot like this
...except different! For those of you who have been to this Library or more like practically lived at this library for a few semesters...ENJOY!
Card catalogs....SO glad we don't use this system any more..
Well at least at our Library!

Just another snowy day in Rexburg way back when they didn't have color :)

Why don't we have a super cool fountain in front of our library now? hmmph...i guess it's just all covered with lots of snow now. haha..............
I am so grateful to have the job that I have. Working for the school library has afforded me lots of convenient oppurtunities to earn a little extra WHILE going to school and finding these historical pictures makes me feel that much more grateful for and proud of the David O McKay Library and for what it is NOW. I am livin a legacy workin here! yesss :)

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chellyyy said...

oooo i love the vintageee. sometime i wish i lived in the 50's. life would probably be a bit different. it's good to hear your enjoying your job. i'm hopping that i can get a job in the library next semester. loveeee you dollfaceee.