Saturday, January 9, 2010

A Year or 2 in Review

I can't believe how fast the last few years have gone by. Deciding were I was going to go to college, coming to byui, making new friends, learning lots, fulfilling my dream of being on the clog team at byui, meeting scott, being friends first, dating, long distance dating, dating, engagement, wedding planning, wedding, newly wed life....It is neat to look back and see where we are now. I can remember the first time I ever met Scott and how he was not in the least bit interested in me because I was only 17 and I remember how all my roommates wanted him and how we had a theme song we would sing after every time we saw him. haha! That was my very first semester and one of the best. Now we are married and both almost graduated....There have been so many wonderful/fun memories in these last few years that I hope we will never forget and I am so greatful for the oppurtunity to take all these steps and the ones to come with my Scott. We have learned so much from each other and continue to do so everyday. He is my best friend and greatest inspiration! Now enjoy our mini slide show...& fyi not all the pics are in order. merci.

FHE fam

teaching me how to snowboard

our first apartment together

temple square with fam

opening wedding/christmas gifts.

puerto vallarta on our honeymoon

fam pictures, taken even before we were married! ;]

taking scott everywhere around california

scott introducing me to twin falls

dying our first easter eggs together...

our first valentine's day together

scott, meeting my whole family for the first time!

when i visited scott in rexburg over summer before we were engaged

one of our engagement shots

day after we were engaged!

night we were engaged!

icicle hunting on our 2nd official date!

the very first picture we ever took together...before we were ever dating.

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