Thursday, April 23, 2009

Summer is {almost} here!

Our trip to California was a blast. Too bad my memory card shows up as an error when I try to upload my pics from our break {I managed to upload a few from easter} but alas...they were great memories and totally recharged our batteries. We got to go to the body museum exibit in balboa park/ downtown san diego area....soo crazy & educational. Easter was lovely (click here to see pics from my mom's really cute blog), swimming was superb, the rain was not cool, and even though the beach was quite windy we enjoyed it none the less! Now we are back and are definitely loving the warm weather that is FIANLLLLY here!! We got to volunteer at I-Night the weekend b4 school which was a blast! We had fun being in charge of the dodge ball players and then after our shift was over we got into everything free and had a fun date night. Wish our pics would download to show you how fun it was and how official our BYU-I shirts were haha.

New classes started for summer this week and since I am now year round...we are full on schooling it! I can already tell I am going to love my classes! yipppee!! we are each taking about 15 credits and working part time...go us! I am taking 2 dance classes, modern and world dance... for my dance minor, a mass media communications class which is really interesting. I started a new blog for my insights because we have to have so many journals by the end of the semester and so its cool we can do them in digital form...the blog website is here. I only have two posts up so far so stay tuned for more. :) Scott and I are taking a world religions class together...and it is going to be such a great class...It is basically a class that reflects the truths in other religions than ours so that we can better appreciate and respect their views and beliefs. Scott is working on his emphasis classes this semester...which include supply chain management classes. risk management...etc. I don't know all the names of his classes...but he is really excited to get going...this is his second to last semester! It loooks like we have a lot of work ahead of us and it is going to be a busy semester...but so far so good. We really enjoy our profs and subjects so we are good to go!!!

Work however is a different story...Scott is still working at the Lexington Law call center....and is getting a little bored of it but he is grateful for the job. He is looking to work on campus maybe next semester to have a bit of change from Lexington. I am still working at the Library this semester...and get to train the new bees. I will have worked at the library for almost a year after this semester...I can't believe how fast the time has gone. I am already a junior in college!!! This semester I really feel like an adult but it feeels good. ha

Hope you all are enjoying life just as much as we are!! We are excited for this summer and for what life has to bring! Oh and P.S. we just got callings to teach in the the 6-7 year olds in primary!!! This Sunday will be our first time to teach...Can't wait! yayy :)


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