Thursday, May 7, 2009

i choose the sunny side of life

{me {duh} last summer swingin grapfruit branches in my family's lil orchard}

So lately, as in the last two days...I have been realllly been feeling sorry for myself...rexburg is so totally windy..{like so windy no one can ever tell you did your hair in the morning} can hardly tell it is almost summer! {okay I take that can see GRASS!!! Which is a miracle!!} & so back to feeling sorry for is still school and work is still work..and my days lately just mesh together in a seemingly never ending cycle. Every day is pretty much the same old thing, until I realized what else I had forgotten to account for = Just about everything in my life and how blessed I am to be married to the most wonderful person, to have the family that I have, and to know that I can always count on my Heavenly Father above. These are things I can always count on: My hubbb, family, prayer. Should not this be enough? Does anyone else ever feel like this? Well actually...that is a silly question. My dear Scott tells me {In the nicest of ways} I won't ever stop feeling like this if I don't just stop &

LOVE the

Is he right or is he right!??

So here goes a list of {additional} things that HAVE made me happy lately:
1. phone calls from friends from far away places.
2. snoasis's tigers blood shaved ice flavorrrr.
2.5. getting high 5's from your spanish teacher.
3. watching this youtube video of sweet bailey singing.
4. listening to taylor swift's love song
5. getting sincere thank yous at work.
6. meditating in our world religions class when our teacher dings the bell.
7. laughing at this crazy indian music video we watched in one of my classes. Go ahead and watch it...It is the same guy every time just wearing different colors..bahahaa. At least I think it is funny. His dance moves are hilarious!
8. cooking good foods with my hubby
9. listening to my love play the guitar & write new songs
10. when friends drop by unannounced and bring you treats :)
11. inpiration from this amazing woman and her family
12. looking at listings for HOUSES in CAli & AriZonA that cost LESS than our apt. in Rexburg
13. sunshine
14. other's successes and happiness--es
15. babys' smiles
16. having shorter hair
17. uhhh...can't think of any so...brain farts?
18. pickles
19. being on time when you woke up late
20. coupons for free things. {like kfc..hahaa}
21. making my husby laugh
22. creating new things
23. thinking outside the box
24. having an automatic start up thingymajig in our car..
25. P90X favorite is the superman/banana move
26. having good smelling candles around
27. finding that changing your minor is an ingenious idea
28. following this lady's blog of photography and wit
29. getting friend's wedding announcements in the mail
30. watching our wedding video over and over again
31. answering phone calls at work..."its a great day at the mckay, this is brittany. How can i help you?" Okay so I have never answered the phone like that..but next time I will. :)
31.5. getting free red box movies
32. writing this list!!!!

It's the little things in life that count.
We just need to count them more often.
What do you think??

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Shar said...

So I loved reading your post because you're right - days are hard and life is hard and sometimes it can be overwhelming. But those three things make all the difference. Thanks for the reminder - it was a good one to get! And I love the video of Bailey singing. She did an amazing job! That is one of my favorite songs ever. :)

Good luck in Rexburg, Britt. It is a fun place but such a COOOOLD place to be. And here I've been wishing Utah were warmer...silly me. ;o)